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Credit loan

A credit loan is a loan issued in the creditworthiness of the borrower, and the borrower does not need to provide a guarantee. The characteristic is that the debtor can obtain the loan only by virtue of his own credit without providing collateral or third-party guarantee, and the borrower's credit degree is used as the repayment guarantee. This kind of credit loan is the main way of lending by banks in China for a long time. Due to the high risk of this type of loan, it is necessary to conduct a detailed inspection of the borrower's economic benefits, management level, and development prospects to reduce risks.

Credit interest rate

Now the credit loan interest rate is generally 0.8-2.88% per month, which depends on the qualification of the borrower and the chosen lending institution.

The interest on the credit loan is complementary to the borrower's personal qualification. If the individual qualification is good enough, then no bank will suffer. In addition, bank credit loans in different regions are priced differently in terms of interest rates. In the case of Chengdu, after comparing a number of banks, it can be seen that the credit interest rate implemented by Bank of China in 2015 is relatively the lowest. The interest rate is only 0.54%. In addition, there is no interest on the personal credit loan of CCB, but there is a monthly management fee of 0.38%, which is not cheap.

However, credit loans of such state-owned banks have low interest rates, but the application conditions are very strict. For example, the construction bank requires a stable monthly income in Chengdu, and must reach more than 6,000 yuan. The professional nature must be good, and it needs to work in the current unit for 12 months. The Bank of China is required to have a monthly income of more than 8,000 yuan, and there are still requirements for the application history. This relatively strict requirement is difficult to achieve.

How to credit the loan

If your credit history is banned by the line, you will not be able to get a loan. If the credit card credit record is too bad, you should still be able to make a loan. The loan amount and the number of years may be controlled. Bad credit records are also blacklists and are the first consideration for banks to review whether loans are issued.

Having a bad record does not mean that you must not be able to make a loan. The specific reason depends on the cause of your bad record, the frequency of bad and the degree of bad records. Different banks will conduct research based on factors such as the time when bad records are generated. Bad records are automatically eliminated after 7 years.

At present, many small commercial banks are flexible in approving loans. They will not formulate your reports or credit records in the same way as the four major state-owned banks. They will analyze the factors that cause you to produce bad credit records. The reason for the bad credit record is definitely clear. The frequency of overdue can be realized in the credit report. The most important thing is to look at the severity of your overdue, that is, the corresponding number on the credit report is a few, the general overdue period In the case of more than 3, bank loans are basically difficult.

Online credit loan

Online credit loans do not mean that you can get a loan after you submit your loan application online. In fact, the so-called online credit loan means that after finding a suitable lending institution on the formal online loan platform, it can contact the other party and conduct loan consultation. If the loan requirements of the other party are met, the loan company will notify the company to sign the contract, and Handle related loan matters.

When looking for a loan company to apply for a loan online, you must pay more attention. Generally speaking, applying for a loan online is mainly for finding a local formal loan company. If it is a foreign loan company, it is not credible.

Applying for a credit loan online, a regular loan company will not charge any fees before lending, and the formalities for handling credit loans are handled in person and cannot be handled through the Internet or fax.