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Credit Loans

A credit loan is a loan issued with the borrower's credit, and the borrower does not need to provide a guarantee. Its characteristic is that debtors do not need to provide collateral or third-party guarantees to obtain loans based on their own creditworthiness, and use borrowers’ creditworthiness as repayment guarantees.

Credit loan noun definition

A credit loan is a loan issued with the borrower's credit, and the borrower does not need to provide a guarantee. Its characteristic is that debtors do not need to provide collateral or third-party guarantees to obtain loans based on their own creditworthiness, and use borrowers’ creditworthiness as repayment guarantees. This type of credit loan is the longest way banks in our country have to make loans. Due to the high risk of such loan methods, it is generally necessary to conduct a detailed inspection of the borrower's economic benefits, business management, and development prospects to reduce risks. Credit loan business is mainly handled through banks, loan companies, and electronic financial institutions. Domestic banks with credit loan products include China Merchants Bank, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Ping An Bank, and Ningbo Bank. Credit loans (credit loans) are booming in China. Although not a long time, all parties actively launched products to compete for the market. Loan company's credit loan, the quota about 2-30 million, interest rate 1.5% -3%. Some of the loan companies are commonly known as loan sharks. The characteristics of such products are high speed and flexible quotas. However, the costs are hidden in fees and charges, and the actual loan costs are much higher than the rates advertised overseas. The guarantee company’s credit loan is a credit loan provided to the customer through the guarantee company’s guarantee bank lending model. The limit is generally up to 300,000. The fee model is the interest of the bank loan plus the guarantee fee of the guarantee company. Regular guarantee companies only charge a certain percentage of guarantee fees without interest, which is also a criterion for identifying whether a guarantee company is formal. P2P lending and financing platform, the amount will not be too high, the speed between the loan company and the bank, is characterized by the completion of loan procedures through the network, you can repay through online banking or Alipay, but the rate is uncertain.

Credit General Rules

According to the “General Rules on Loans”, credit loans refer to loans that are not guaranteed and are only issued on the basis of the borrower’s credit status. When a lender issues a credit loan, it must conduct a rigorous review and assessment of the borrower and confirm that its creditworthiness has the ability to repay the loan. The original "General Rules for Loans" even stipulated that "strictly controlled credit loans should be actively promoted.Secured loanAs credit loan methods are relatively risky, most financial institutions generally conduct detailed inspections on the economic benefits, operating management, and development prospects of borrowers to reduce risks.

Credit loan application conditions

(1) If the corporate customer’s credit rating is at least AA- (inclusive) or higher, a provincial-level branch of a state-owned commercial bank may issue a credit loan;

2. The total profit from operating income accounting continued to increase in the past three years. The asset-liability ratio was controlled at a good value range of 60%, and the cash flow was adequate and stable;

3. The company promises not to set up a pledge (or pledge) or provide external guarantees to others by its effective operating assets, or to obtain the consent of the lending bank before processing the mortgage (quality) bonds, etc., and providing external guarantees;

4, enterprise management practices, no escape debt, interest, etc.Bad credit history.

Credit loan loan project

The China Development Bank is a government-developed financial institution and a state policy bank. Its loans are mainly invested in the construction of major projects such as infrastructure, basic industries, pillar industries, and high-tech industries. As early as in 2000, the National Development Bank issued a loan of RMB 175 million to the city for the construction of the Jingsha Road and the ancient city drainage system. In 2003, the National Development Bank agreed to provide a 1.5 billion yuan loan to the city once again in order to support the city’s industrial Xingshi to accelerate the construction of new industrial areas and urban infrastructure. The nature of the loan is a government credit loan. There is a fundamental difference between government credit loans and traditional commercial loans. The government credit loan does not require one-by-one bank commercial review of the project, nor does it require the company to provide specific material guarantees. Instead, it uses the local government as a special type of customer for credit review. The specific content includes credit rating and evaluation of credit development. , risk limits and government credit limits. Compared with commercial bank loans, the development bank loan has a longer loan term, the government can co-ordinate the funds over a longer period of time, the repayment pressure is low, and debt review and corporate guarantees are avoided. The loan procedure is simplified compared to commercial bank loan procedures.

Everbright Bank Credit Loans

China Everbright Bank offers unsecured, non-monetary services to customers with good credit history and stable economic incomeSecured loan. The credit loan mainly promotes the "Easy" series of products, including the cycle of easy loans, white-collar easy loans, salary loans, fast and easy loans.

Easy to loan

Pointing to housingMortgage LoansHigh-quality customers give quasi-credits to revolving credit, and credits under credits are used for personal comprehensive consumption.

White collar loan

A credit line is granted to the "high-quality white-collar" customers who meet the requirements of this regulation. The loan funds under the credits are used for individual comprehensive consumption.

Salary loan

For the enterprises entrusting the Bank to apply for payroll service, the Bank may provide unsecured personal credit loans to its employees.

Fast loan

Personal consumer loans for credit guarantees provided to our high-funded individual customers.

CITIC Bank Credit Loans

Your needs: Want to get a loan without mortgage or guarantee

Service advantages: Conveniently and efficiently meet customer financing needs.

Service Introduction: We provide you a credit loan with a maximum term of three years and a maximum amount of 1.5 million!

China Merchants Bank Small Credit Loan

1. No mortgage: You can apply for a loan only with your personal credit.

2. Faster approval: simple procedures, complete data, and approval in 2 days.

3, daily interest: use one day to calculate one day, do not use non-interest income, one day can borrow.

4. Remittances are free of charge: No matter how much the amount is, regardless of the local or remote location, there is no need to pay settlement fees through online transfer and remittance.

5, with the loan with the return: open "turnaround" function, you can self-service online banking through the loan, repayment.

6, circular credit: once for processing, recycling.