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Xinzhou loan to buy a house

Xinzhou loans to buy a house are: housing provident fund loans; commercial housing loans; individual housing portfolio loans. Loans to buy a house is by the buyers to the bank filing a mortgage application and provide legal documents such as ID card, income proof, housing sales contract, guarantee documents and other required documents must be submitted to the bank after passing the examination, commitment to buyers Loans.

Xinzhou provident fund loans to buy things to note

1, do not use the provident fund before applying for a loan. If the borrower withdraws the fund reserve balance before the loan to pay for the housing fund, then the provident fund account balance will be zero, which means that will not be able to apply for a provident fund loan.

2, in the first year of borrowing do not repay in advance.

3, do not forget to find the banks around when there are difficulties in repaying the loan. When the solvency declines within the term of the loan and there are difficulties in repaying the loan, the client may apply to the bank for an extension of the term of the loan, and if the bank's investigation is true and there is no default on the loan principal and interest, the ordinary bank will accept the extension Borrowing deadline application.

4, after the loan rental housing do not forget to inform the obligation.

5, do not forget to withdraw the mortgage after the loan is paid off. After all the loan principal and interest have been paid off, the mortgage loan clearance certificate of the bank held by the bank and the other items of the real estate of the mortgaged property prove that the mortgaged property is withdrawn in the real estate transaction center of the real estate area.

6, do not lose the loan contract and borrowing. Applying for a mortgage loan, signing a loan contract and borrowing are all important legal documents. As the loan period up to 30 years, as a borrower, you should take good care of your contracts and loans.

Xinzhou provident fund loan amount

According to Xinzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Regulations, 2016 Xinzhou housing provident fund loans up to a maximum of 400,000 yuan. Renovation of self-occupied housing maximum loan amount of 30 million, according to the housing area, the maximum 90 million square meters following loan 200,000 yuan, 90-110 square meters maximum loan 250,000 yuan, 110 square meters up to 300,000 yuan loans.

Xinzhou mortgage to buy information

1, the original borrower ID card, a copy of;

2, the borrower's marriage certificate, the original single and a copy of the single certificate;

3, the original proof of income borrower;

4, the bank needs to prepare other information.

Xinzhou housing mortgage loan process

1, the project sales team and buyers sign "pre-commercial housing market (now) sales contract", according to the contract, pay the required down payment;

2, since the signing of the contract for the sale of real estate within 5 days from the date of the real estate transaction center to apply for registration of the contract market.

3, pay the first day of payment within seven days from the date of purchase to provide mortgage-backed banks to provide information directly to the corporate cooperative bank to apply. Including: the sale of housing contracts (record registration), room receipts, ID cards, marriage certificates, proof of income and the bank that need to provide other information.

3. The lender will investigate and review all aspects and procedures for the purchasers, and will go through the initial formalities with the buyers who meet the basic conditions (including the wife of the purchaser), including loan application, co-payment statement, commitment, conversation Transcripts, loan contracts, loans and so on; then buyers in the loan bank to open a deposit account or bank card, the bank reported to the higher level for approval.

4, apply for approval generally within 7 days. For more than the deadline, the marketing department docking with banks in a timely manner, understand the situation and solve problems, and actively assist buyers to complete the loan, the mortgage period in time to sign the guarantee procedures.