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Quzhou loan to buy a house

The main ways to buy a house in Ganzhou are: housing provident fund loans; personal housing commercial loans; personal housing portfolio loans. Loans to buy a house are the application for the homeowner to report the mortgage to the bank, and provide legal documents such as ID card, income certificate, housing sales contract, guarantee, etc., and the bank must pass the examination and promise to the buyer. Loans.

Precautions for buying a house in Zhangzhou Provident Fund

1. Do not use the provident fund before applying for a loan. If the borrower withdraws the balance of the reserve fund before the loan to pay the house, the balance of the provident fund on the provident fund account is zero, which means that the application will not be able to apply for the provident fund loan.

2. Do not repay in advance during the first year of the loan.

3. Don't forget to look for the bank around you if you have trouble repaying your loan. When the solvency is reduced during the loan term and the loan is difficult, the client may apply to the bank for an extension of the loan period. If the bank investigates it and the loan is not in arrears, the bank will accept the extension. Application for loan term.

4, after the loan rental housing do not forget to inform the obligation.

5. Don't forget to cancel the mortgage after the loan is paid off. After all the loan principal and interest have been paid off, the bank's loan settlement certificate and the collateral's other real estate rights certificate can be used to cancel the mortgage at the real estate transaction center of the district or county where the property is located.

6. Do not lose the loan contract and the loan. Applying for a mortgage loan, the signed loan contract and the loan are important legal documents. As the loan period can be up to 30 years, as a borrower, you should take good care of your contract and loan.

Cangzhou Provident Fund Loan Amount

According to the regulations of the Cangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center, the maximum amount of the Cenzhou Housing Provident Fund loan in 2016 was 400,000 yuan. The maximum loan amount for self-occupied housing is 300,000 yuan. According to the housing area, the maximum loan of 90,000 square meters can be 200,000 yuan, the maximum loan of 90-110 square meters can be 250,000 yuan, and the maximum loan of 110 square meters can be 300,000 yuan.

Zhangzhou mortgage purchase information

1. Original and photocopy of the borrower's ID card;

2. The borrower's marriage certificate, the original and the photocopy of the single person's single certificate;

3. The original proof of the borrower's income;

4. Other materials that the bank needs to prepare.

Zhangzhou housing mortgage loan process

1. The project sales team and the purchaser sign the “Contract for the sale and purchase of commercial housing in the city”, and pay the required down payment according to the contract;

2. Within 5 days from the date of signing the commercial house sales contract, apply for the registration of the contract with the real estate transaction center market.

3. Within 7 days from the date of payment of the first payment, the purchaser shall provide the information that meets the requirements of the mortgage bank and apply directly to the company cooperation bank. These include: housing sales contracts (registration registration), housing receipts, ID cards, marriage certificates, proof of income, and other information that the bank believes need to be provided.

3. The loan bank investigates and examines all aspects and procedures of the purchaser, and conducts preliminary procedures with the purchaser (including the wife of the purchaser) who meets the basic conditions, including the loan application, common repayment statement, commitment, and talk. Record, loan contract, borrowing data, etc.; then the purchaser opens a deposit account or bank card at the loan bank, and the bank reports to the superior bank for approval.

4. The application approval period is generally within 7 days. For those who have exceeded the deadline, the marketing department will timely dock with the bank, understand the situation, solve the problem, actively assist the purchaser to complete the loan, and sign the stage guarantee procedure with the mortgage bank in time.