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Atomic loan

Atomic Loan is a mobile-side online borrowing tool that provides a small amount of unsecured personal credit loans. Users can submit relevant information through the Atomic Credit APP or WeChat public account to complete the loan from loan application to loan and repayment. All processes, no collateral and offline review.

Atomic loan

Atomic Loan is a mobile-side online borrowing tool that provides a small amount of unsecured individuals.Credit loanUsers can submit the corresponding information through the "Atomic Loan" APP or WeChat public account, complete the entire process from loan application to loan and repayment, without any mortgage and offline review.

product description

At present, Atomic Loan consists of one loan product: installment loan. The product is a pure online microfinance product, and can be used for loan and repayment through the atomic loan app or WeChat public account.

The application conditions for the product are as follows:

In addition to the three required basic certifications: real-name authentication, contact information, and ID card photos, the product also needs to provide any additional certification for operators, Alipay, credit card, provident fund, and social security. The corresponding amount can be obtained.

The basic information of the installment loan products is as follows:

The following will be analyzed one by one from five aspects:

Loan speed

At present, the instalment loan products provide real-time audits for new users, and old users are exempt from trials. The specific loan time depends on the time limit for the lenders.

Borrowing amount

Up to 40,000 yuan, flexible quota for you to choose.


The monthly loan product of the installment loan is 3%, and there are occasional cash red packets.

Repayment cycle

There are four cycles for users to choose, 3, 6, 9, and 12.

Advance and deferred repayment

Support for early repayment and does not support deferred repayment.

application process

Atomic loan application flow chart solution:

If you encounter any problems in the application, you can go to the WeChat public account "Atomic Loan" to check the loan strategy, or directly consult WeChat online customer service.

Atomic Loan APP Download

Atomic loan app download: scan the QR code below

Atomic Credit WeChat public number

The role of the public number:

Applying for loans and repayments: Users can directly apply for installment loans on the Apollo public account. Currently, they have supported the entire process of applying for loans, inquiries, and repayments, which is basically the same as the app process. Online customer service Q&A: Any problems encountered by the user during the loan process, such as data upload failure, repayment failure, etc., can be communicated through the atomic loan public number and manual customer service. The customer service time is 9:00 in the middle of the week. 20:00, holidays 9:00-18:00.

Unscheduled welfare activities: The public number will issue some welfare activities from time to time. If you participate, you may get a loan red envelope.

Product latest information and announcement: When new products or new features are launched, they will be released through the public number for the first time, and the arrangements for major holidays will also be released through the public number.

How to pay attention to the public number:

WeChat search public account "Atom Loan" or use WeChat to scan the QR code below:

Atomic loan manual customer service

Telephone customer service: 010-84359010

operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 20:00

Saturday and Sunday: 9:00~18:00

WeChat customer service: search for the public number "Atomic Loan"

Working hours: 9:00~18:00

Atomic loan FAQ

Question 1: What if I don't pay?

Users are advised to try to fill in more information, fill in the real information, and cherish their ownPersonal creditRecord, to prevent overdue behavior. Atomic Credit strives to provide better loan services for the majority of users, and will judge the user's reputation according to the user's real information and give a reasonable amount.

Question 2: What are the consequences of overdue?

Overdue will affect personal credit information, and overdue users will pay penalty interest during the overdue period.

At present, Atomic Loan has fully cooperated with the special rectification work of Internet financial risks. It will feedback the list of maliciously overdue users on the atomic loan to the National Remediation Office, and will include the borrowers who disrupt the loan environment into the Atomic Loan Lifetime Loan List to protect the users. Borrowing interests and creating a good credit environment for borrowers.