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Salary loan

Salary loans are safe and easy to loan, safe and easy to loan is safe and secure insurance issued a personal credit guarantee insurance products. By providing credit guarantees to individual customers, it helps clients to quickly obtain unsecured microcredit from cooperative banks. The insured person is a loan customer, the insurer is safe for property insurance, is insured as a lender bank.

Salary loan

China Ping An salary loan is a pure credit loan products, the amount of loans within 20 million, the loan period of 3 years or less. Repayment of equal principal and interest, loans issued 1 month after the early repayment, repayment less than six months, liquidated damages for the remaining loan principal 3%; repayment over six months to one year, liquidated damages for the remaining loan principal Of 2%, repayment of more than one year, liquidated damages for the remaining loan principal 1%.

Salary loan product advantages:

1, no need to provide collateral, without the need to provide other guarantees;

2, the amount of loans up to 20 million;

3, the minimum lending rate of 0.4%;

4, the loan period up to 3 years;

5, since the date of application for information, the fastest 3 working days loans can be issued.

How to handle salary

Lenders as long as the conditions to meet, you can apply for a loan:

1. Loan population: white-collar workers (salary loans);

2. Age: Chinese citizens aged between 21 and 55 years of age;

3. Income: monthly income of more than 3,000 yuan;

4. Working time: in the unit for more than 6 months of continuous work.

Salary loan application information

1, ID card

2, the income certificate (bank pay records such as passbook records or nearly 3 months of bank water or payroll, or fill out by the security company to provide the format file proof of income, cover the company seal)

3, proof of work (a copy of the labor contract or the company issued a work certificate, stamped with the company seal)

4, proof of address (utility payment bill - last month of water, electricity, gas bill any one or a copy of real estate license)

Salary notes

1, the loan loan product loans must have credit records (including loan records, credit card records, etc.);

2, peace easy to loan early repayment liquidated payment method: loans less than 6 months, the amount of 3% of the amount is not paid; loan 6 months - 1 year, the amount of 2% of the amount of money received, More than 1% of the amount not yet paid. 3, liabilities are generally only reference credit card liabilities, mortgages and other liabilities are not considered.