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ABC credit currency

Customers holding Agricultural Bank of credit currency, can be any consumer channels in the country, based on ABC or existing interbank collection networks, online and offline card with or without card CUP standard transactions, payment convenient and safe. Customers who have opened the transfer, cash staging business, you can also bind my debit card account for mutual funds within the limit. Smooth repayment channels to ensure easy to use, with the loan.

Agricultural Bank credit money is what

Credit card is a new credit card issued by Agricultural Bank of card BlN (card number 6) 625818, no annual fee, bill day 23 every month, the repayment date is 19 days after the bill, the maximum 50 days interest-free Period, you can apply through the palm silver and counter, the card without physical card, 1 minute account, card number sent to the customer palm, activate, set the password, check the bill, the agreed repayment maintenance can only be done on the palm, Mainly usedCash stagingAnd online payment, the current trial run palm apply for a maximum amount of 10,000, counter top 30,000 amount.

Agricultural Bank credit money how to raise

ABC specific amount of credit amount, depending on the audit results. The current amount of friends are relatively high with the Agricultural Bank have the intersection of the Agricultural Bank of China with punch wages, water, or Agricultural Bank of China loans. The next operation is that after the amount of credit money out, call customer service call levelingCredit card limit, Do not give a change of customer service to try again. Customer service that can apply that is no problem, and eventually your credit card amount will be the same with the amount of credit, the curve raised a success.

Agricultural Bank of credit and credit card credits to share it

If you already have a credit card ABC, re-apply for credit money, credit and credit cards have been held to share the amount.