Agricultural Bank Credit
The customer holds the ABC Credit Coin, which can conduct online and offline card-based or non-card-funded standard exchange transactions based on the ABC or inter-bank existing acquiring network in any domestic consumption channel, and the payment is convenient and safe. If the customer has opened the transfer, cash instalment business, you can also bind my debit card account to transfer funds within the quota. The repayment channel is smooth, ensuring easy use and returning.

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What is the Agricultural Bank Credit Card?

The credit card is a new credit card issued by the Agricultural Bank. The card is BlN (the first 6 digits of the card number) 625818, there is no annual fee, the billing day is 23rd, and the repayment date is 19 days after the billing date. The maximum interest rate is 50 days. The application can be made through palm and counter. The card has no physical card, and the account is set up in 1 minute. The card number is sent to the customer's palm, activation, password setting, bill inquiry, and agreement repayment maintenance can only be done on the palm of the hand. Mainly usedCash stagingAnd online payment, the current trial period palm palm application for a maximum of 10,000, the counter application for a maximum of 30,000.

How to raise the amount of ABC credit

The amount of the specific credit card of the Agricultural Bank of China depends on the audit result. At present, the friends with higher quotas are all in contact with the Agricultural Bank, and there are ABC’s punching wages, running water, or loans from the Agricultural Bank of China. The next operation is to call the customer service to level out after the credit line is issued.Credit card limitIf you don't give it, you can change it and try again. The customer service said that it can be applied, that is no problem, and finally your ABC card quota will be consistent with the credit line, and the curve will be successful.

Is ABC credit card and credit card quota shared?

If you already have an ABC credit card and apply for a credit, the credit line and the credit card already held are shared.

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