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Agricultural Bank Credits

The customer holds the Agricultural Bank of China Credit Coin, and can conduct online and offline standard card transactions with or without UnionPay cards in any consumer channel in the country, based on the existing Agricultural Bank of China or cross-bank existing acquiring networks, and pay for convenience and safety. If the customer has opened a transfer or cash instalment business, he can also bind his own debit card account to carry out mutual funds transfer within the limit. Repayment channels are smooth and easy to use.

What is ABC Credit Currency?

The credit is a new credit card issued by the Agricultural Bank of China. The card number (BN) (the first 6 digits of the card number) is 625,818, there is no annual fee, the billing date is 23, and the repayment date is 19 days after the billing date. The maximum is 50 days without interest. During the period, the application can be made through palm silver and counter. The card does not have a physical card, the account is created in one minute, the card number is sent to the customer's bank, and activation, password setting, bill inquiry, and agreed repayment maintenance can only be done on the palm of your hand. Mainly usedCash stagingAnd on-line payment, the current trial period of the palm of the bank applications up to 10,000 credit limit, counter application up to 30,000 credit limit.

How to raise the amount of credit card of Agricultural Bank of China

The amount of the credit line of the Agricultural Bank of China depends on the audit result. The friends with relatively high quotas are all linked with the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC). They have the wages, water, or loans of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC). The next step is to use the customer service phone to level the credit limit.Credit card limitIf you don't give a tune, change the customer service and try again. The customer service said that it is okay if you can apply. In the end, your ABC card quota will be the same as your credit limit, and the quota will be successful.

Does ABC Credit Coin and Credit Card Balance Share?

If you already have an ABC's credit card, after you apply for a credit, the credit limit and credit card already held are credited.