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Xunlei Easy Loan is a loan product of Shenzhen Xunlei. It is different from the previous Thunder Financial. It is operated by two different teams. At present, Thunder Easy Loan has cooperated with a number of loan platforms such as Qianzhan, and the loan products are also rich. You can verify that the data is selected by yourself.

How is Thunder Easy Loan?

Xunlei Easy Loan is a loan product of Shenzhen Xunlei. Shenzhen Xunlei Economic Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in September 2016 to provide high-quality financial services for 400 million users of Thunder (NASDAQ: XNET). The core members of Thunder Financial have accumulated experience in banking, securities, funds, internet, e-commerce and other enterprises at home and abroad, and accumulated rich experience in financial technology.

Product concept: With the accumulation of years of big data capabilities, the integration of artificial intelligence technology, allowing everyone to easily enjoy quality financial services. Xunlei Easy Loan, as an important product of this concept, provides intelligent matching services for lenders and loan providers through big data capabilities and artificial intelligence technologies.

Product Vision: Find the best loan product for everyone.

Thunder Easy Loan Review

The borrowing user can fill in the mobile phone number on the website of Xunleiyi Loan. After that, the customer service staff will call to ask for the details and needs of the user information. Then the customer service will recommend a suitable loan platform according to the user's personal situation to ensure that the loan can be made. If the next paragraph, will charge a certain service fee, the loan of 2,000 yuan or less will charge 99 yuan service fee, the loan of 2,000 yuan or more will charge 199 yuan service fee and 1 year of Thunder Platinum member.