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Thunder easy to loan

Thunder Ray easy Shenzhen Thunder's loan products, and the previous Thunder financial very different, is the operation of two different teams, the current Thunder and easy loans and money stations and other loan platform cooperation, the loan products is also relatively rich, users You can verify the information to choose from.

Thunder how easy to credit

Xunlei is a loan product under Shenzhen Thunder. Shenzhen Xunlei Economic Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in September 2016, providing high-quality financial services to 400 million users of Thunder (NASDAQ: XNET). Thunder financial core members have well-known domestic and foreign banks, securities, funds, the Internet, e-commerce and other business services experience, has accumulated rich experience in finance technology.

Product concept: Thunder Thunder accumulated years of big data capabilities, into the artificial intelligence technology, so that everyone can easily enjoy high-quality financial services. As an important product of practicing this concept, Thunder Loan provides intelligent matching services for lenders and loan providers through big data capabilities and artificial intelligence technologies.

Product Vision: Find the best loan product for everyone.

Thunder loan easy to review the next paragraph

Loan users can fill out the phone number in the official website of Thunder and Loan, after which customer service staff will call for details and requirements of user information, and customer service will be based on the user's personal recommendation recommended a suitable loan platform, to ensure that the next paragraph. If the next paragraph, will be charged a service fee, the following 2000 yuan loan service charge of 99 yuan, 199 yuan loan service charges above 2000 yuan and donated 1 year Thunder Platinum members.