Silver singularity
Beijing Flash Silver Technology Co., Ltd., established in April 2014, is the first Internet credit evaluation company in China. The Wecash Silver Singularity developed by it is currently the most advanced big data credit evaluation platform in China. There are many types of micro-credits, and a number of lending institutions have cooperated to release loan products.

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How is the silver singularity

Flash silverSingularity is a credit evaluation institution that integrates personal credit. Among them, nearly 100 microfinance institutions cooperate to download the Singular Silver APP, fill in personal credit information, and according to the integrity of the information, the platform gives correspondingLoan amountThe amount of the quota will be loaned out in the corresponding amount of the silver-singular loan products. The detailed information mainly includes ID card, bank card, work, family, and garage information.

Flash Silver Singular Customer Service Phone

Flash silverSingular customer service phone: 400-101-6668

Is the silver singular audit call?

Flash silverThe singularity does not call the borrower in the process of reviewing the borrower's information, but will randomly check the authenticity of the borrower's information, or the platform will contact the borrower when the borrower fills in the details of the personal information.

Flash Silver Singular Software Features

[Ultra-fast credit] only takes 3 minutes, the industry is the fastest, no one

[After the day] urgently need your money, no pressure to use money

[Multiple sponsors] Which one is chosen by the eye, it is so capricious

[Surprise Red Packet] Invite a friend to get a 15 yuan red envelope, unlimited supply

[Credit life] renting a car, renting a house, traveling, shopping

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