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Flash silver strange

Beijing Spark Silver Bizarre Technology Co., Ltd., founded in April 2014, is China's first Internet credit rating company. Its development of Wecash flash silver strange is currently the most advanced big data credit rating platform. There are more types of microfinance under its umbrella, and there are also a number of lending institutions that issue loan products in cooperation.

Silver flash strange how a quota

Flash silverBizarre is a credit rating agency that integrates personal credit. Among them, there are nearly 100 micro-loan institutions that cooperate to download the Flash-Bizarre APP and fill in the personal credit information. Based on the completeness of the filled-in information, the platform gives the correspondingLoan line, The amount of the level will be lending silver flash loan exotic products corresponding amount, the details of the information are mainly, ID card, bank card, work, home, garage information.

Flash silver strange customer service phone

Flash silverStrange customer service phone: 400-101-6668

Flash silver bizarre review call you?

Flash silverThe bizarre does not call the borrower in the process of reviewing the information of the borrower, but it will randomly check the authenticity of the borrower's information or contact the borrower when the borrower does not fill in the personal data.

Flash silver strange software features

[Fast credit] only 3 minutes, the industry's fastest, not one

[The day of arrival] urgent you need, no pressure on money

【Multi-funded party】 which whichever is chosen, so self-willed

【Surprise red envelope】 invite friends to get 15 red envelopes, not limited supply

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