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Hummingbird purse

Hummingbird wallet app is a small installment borrowing software launched by Wuhan Hanson Internet Finance. The parent company is Hankung, which has dual services of lending and money management. The hummingbird purse can borrow only for simple online identification, and the fastest ten minutes Within the account.

Hummingbird wallet how rich

The borrower needs to fill in the ID card, bank card, current residence address, organization name, organization address, job title, contact person and other information in the hummingbird purse APP, and carry out operator certification. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

Currently hummingbird wallet 500-1000 yuan by the amount of money for all meet the submitted user settings, if you apply for a loan, the user needs to repay the loan after the success of the next. That is, if a user applies for a loan of 500 yuan, the loan can only be applied for once again after the repayment is successful.

Customer Service Tel: 027-87631568. Service Hours: Working days 9: 00-12: 00 13: 30 ~ 17: 30. Customer Service QQ: 725650279.

Hummingbird wallet review how long

Under normal circumstances the audit time is 1-7 working days, the fastest 3 minutes to complete the audit, the audit results will be notified to the borrower APP, please pay attention to the hummingbird purse APP news notification. If more than 7 working days have not been approved, please contact the hummingbird wallet customer service hotline: 027-87631568.

Under normal circumstances, the hummingbird wallet will not call the user, and will verify the user's information according to the information that the user has filled in. If necessary, the user will call to confirm. Please be sure to ensure that the user's information is valid.

Hummingbird wallet money how come

Hummingbird wallet is operated by Han Xin Internet Financial Services (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., a relying on the mobile Internet online credit loan APP products; Hanxin also operates P2P financial end Hanjin, the company's business wealth management and lending two-way , Part of the source of funds from financial users.

Hummingbird wallet good money it

After the approval of the hummingbird wallet, under normal circumstances need 1 to 5 days to get the loan funds, the fastest 10 minutes can get the loan funds.

How to repay the hummingbird wallet, late consequences

1. How can I repay?

The user can repay the loan through the hummingbird money APP before the loan expires. The repayment function is to be actively operated and repayable, or the bank card bundled with the user is provided with sufficient funds. The system automatically deducts the repayments on the day when the loan is due.

2. Whether to support early repayment?

Some products support early repayment

3. Whether to support partial repayment?

Hummingbird purse temporarily does not support partial repayment, please prepare enough funds on the bound bank card withholding account on the due date or take the initiative to repay the loan through APP

Can I repay the loan?

Hummingbird purse does not support the current repayment

5. After the loan overdue consequences what?

Loans overdue will affect your credit, your credit has an adverse effect, but can not apply for a loan again through the hummingbird wallet. If the overdue time is longer, the company will take the necessary legal measures. Such as litigation, arbitration, etc. After the verdict has not been completed, you will be entered into the court list of dishonest subjects being executed. You will not be able to travel, stay, buy or rent real estate, car purchases, holiday travel, insurance and all other high spending activities.

6. Normal borrowing and overdue loans automatic deduction time is the point?

Normal borrowing and overdue borrowing withholding time is 10: 00,15: 00 on the day of repayment, please repay customers in this way, repay repayments in time should repay before 10: 00,15: 00 To automatically withholding the bank card account.