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Lynx loan

Lynx Loan is a financing product for Lynx sellers operated by micro-credit ants and aims to help many small businesses and entrepreneurs to solve the financing difficulties through the Internet and data operating modes. Lynx Loans have been issued to all over the country on April 20, 2017 Open, log in Lynx account to see credit loans.

Lynx loan entrance

1. Login to Lynx account, click to enter 【Credit Loan】;

2. Click [I want to loan] to enter the loan application page fill in the loan information and click [submit an application];

3. Click Next, enter Alipay confirmed, and view the [loan contract], click to accept the loan contract;

5. Loan successfully, you can enter Alipay viewLoan line.

Lynx loan interest

According to official website introduction, Tmall store loans, the lowest rate of 0.06%, the maximum amount of up to 10 million, the specific interest rates and quotas for each individual, Lynx will be based on borrowers owned Tmall store credit rating and size of the release, the details can be Log in Lynx account to view.

Lynx loan overdue how to do

Lynx Loans and Taobao Loans are the financial products of Ant Financial Services. Ordinarily overdue loans will have some overdue fees and repayments on time. If it is malicious repayments will be affectedPersonal creditwithSesame credit points.

Lynx loans to personal Alipay

Lynx loan process will allow you to choose Alipay certification, the loan amount will be released directly to the personal verification Alipay account.