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Universal Black Card

Hearing Network Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Adventure Elements Network Technology Co., Ltd. In November of the same year, it officially released the Global Black Card membership privilege club. Global Black Card and its related businesses include one-stop travel. Platform - Personal Butler & Custom Travel, Technology & Financial Services - Black Card Signing, Consumer Division - Black Card Customization, Content Service - Black Coffee Circle of Friends, etc.

How to deal with Universal Black Card

You can apply for an online application at Global Black Card, or you can directly follow the application of the global Black Card WeChat public number. The applicant only needs to provide true and valid information (name, phone number, address). You can apply at the Global Black Card official website and the "Universal Black Card" WeChat public number menu bar.

The card fee is 199 yuan, and the number can be increased.

Universal Black Card is true or false

Global Black Card is a one-stop privileged living service launched by Hangzhou HeTing Network Technology Co., Ltd., a high-end consumer group with a higher demand for new and exquisite living in the Chinese market. As of May 2017, Global Black Card has invested more than 100 million yuan. , With more than 300,000 card members.

What is Universal Black Card?

Hearing Network Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of Hangzhou Adventure Elements Network Technology Co., Ltd. In November 2015, Hearing Company officially released the Universal Black Card membership privilege club brand to “integrate and distribute global privilege. Let a few people take priority in enjoying the world as a vision and begin to provide one-stop privileged living services for high-end consumer groups with a higher demand for new and refined living in the Chinese market. As of May 2017, Global Black Card has invested more than 100 million yuan cumulatively. , With more than 300,000 card members. Global Blackcard's and related businesses include one-stop travel platforms - personal butler and custom travel, technology financial services - black card signing, consumer business - black card customization, content services - black coffee circle of friends. In addition, Global Black Card also cooperates with investment holding companies and affiliates to work together at the business and service level to deepen integration and promote the prosperity of the privileged business ecosystem.

How about Universal Black Card

Investment background:

Well-known conglomerate 120 million yuan huge investment

Nasdaq:TOUR Strategic Cooperation

Ping An Bank's comprehensive strategic cooperation

Hangzhou Bank, Huaxia Bank, and Ningbo Bank jointly awarded 80 million yuan


There is no annual fee for life, and no annual fee will be charged after successful processing.

"Universal Black Card" App, iOS, and Android are all supported and can be downloaded directly from the App Store and major application markets. The complete black card service is in the Universal Black Card App.

Universal Black Card holders are bound for a one-time permanent lock, so others cannot use your card. If the black card is lost, you can directly contact the housekeeper to handle the replacement card for you, but you will need to charge a replacement card fee of 30 yuan.

1, luxury car rental franchise

2, black coffee circle

Universal Black Card is designed for cardholders to open paid access to the privileged services of the star's private life circle, plus star friends and watch the stars daily.

3, coffee for privilege

Global Black Card contracted 100 acres of “Rong Tian” and established a coffee garden dedicated to fresh Grade 1 coffee beans.

4, men's custom privileges

Global Black Cards teamed up with the drapery to bring cardholders with an aristocratic experience like the nobility and an exclusive custom exclusive electronic co-branded card.

5. Health examination privilege

Universal Black Card and IKON Guobin have launched special medical check-up packages, which are inexpensive across the country and cover 31 cities.

6. Airport VIP Privileges

It covers 11 airports around the world, covering 12 airline flights, and 11 priority privileged airports.

7. International Driving Licence Privileges

Cardholders can enjoy exclusive driving licenses, self-drive guides, car rental coupons, and exclusive gifts.

8, black card signing

A third party provides Universal Overdraft privileges for Universal Black Card holders up to 100,000.