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Netease goes to flowers

Netease to spend is the consumer phased finance launched by Netease. When choosing the strict selection and the koala shopping to choose Netease to pay, it will pop up the payment window of NetEase. At present, NetEase will choose the whitelist invitation system, not everyone has Netease goes to enjoy the flower.

NetEase goes to spend

Netease to spend is a new financial product launched by NetEase on August 8, 2017. People who use NetEase Koala and Netease for a long time will see NetEase to spend this choice when paying, and will spend whitelisting users. After running the data for about half a year, when the model has a certain maturity, it is planned to open the open application from next year.User registration time, purchase behavior, activity in NetEase's ecology, and user credit status are all important dimensions for risk control of borrowers.

How does Netease go to spend?

Netease to spend is a consumer finance product launched by Netease based on large-scale wind control data and multi-dimensional review of consumers. It has not been fully opened to the public since its listing, but as a senior NetEase koala user will choose when paying. To. Netease's security is more reliable, relying on the listing of NetEase, the popularity is better.

Netease to spend how to spend

Koala's customers who go to Huayao can get an average credit of about 6,000 yuan and a maximum of 50,000 yuan. There is no threshold for consumption, and there is a 44-day interest-free period. The interest rate after the interest-free period is no more than 14%, and can be divided into 12 periods. Repayment.

When Netease goes to spend money, it only needs to recharge the bank card that it is bound to, and it will automatically deduct the money every month on the repayment date.

Netease to go to the letter?

As NetEase's twin products Netease went to spend, the current official did not disclose whether NetEase is coming to the letter, but Netease as a listed company is not bad at grasping the risk control. For personal good credit, it is recommended to repay in time.

Netease to spend order staging

At present, NetEase's support for flowering supports a maximum of 12 periods, the same as the same flower, and there are four choices of three, six, nine and twelve. Orders can be staged after Netease Koala and Netease have chosen carefully.

The annualized interest rate offered to spend outside the interest-free period is between 11% and 14%, which is lower than the credit card rate and lower than the interest rate of the flower.