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Gome United States

The US loan is a small loan platform owned by GOME Financial. Focused on solving the shortage of funds in life and the problem of insufficient credit card balances. Relying on GOME Group, it is committed to creating a mobile terminal borrowing artifact for users.

GOME U.S. borrows a letter of credit

As long as it is not overdue and has a good reputation, it will generally not be credited.

If the loan is overdue, it will not be credited if it is reimbursed within the stipulated time. This is a more humane one, but there are still accidents. For example, the overdue system does not automatically deduct the payment, and the statutory holidays have a delay. , APP system failures, etc., overdue repayment problems caused by this special case, will not be credited, please rest assured that use.

Does GOME USA make contact phone calls?

Regarding whether or not the US loan will call the contact person, according to the investigation of the US loan user, it is found that there are mainly the following types of responses:

1, the United States borrowed for the first time, directly without a call;

2, the United States will call the contact person and the company to ask more detailed;

3, only instalments will be called back, single-phase is not to call contacts.

In other words, the personal situation is different, and the treatment of this link is not the same. According to reports, the majority of loaners reviewed by the United States will return visits. Only by return visits can the loans be successful unless the personal qualifications are good.

Therefore, we warmly remind everyone that it is better to communicate with the contact person in advance before applying for the US loan. The reply from the contact person is very important for the review. Many contact persons do not know the situation when they receive a return phone call from the United States. They think that it was a fraudulent phone call, or they refused to accept it. This would cause the application to be rejected. Therefore, it would be very advantageous for the smooth contact of the contact person in advance to reflect on their situation. .

Gome America borrow app

U.S. App Features

1, as you like, want to borrow it.

500-5000 yuan amount of willful choice;

7-30 days deadline as required;

3 minutes audit, 30 minutes to account.

2, full and convenient, ready to borrow.

The application is as simple as three steps;

Mobile phone loan anywhere, anytime;

Data security will not be compromised;

7*24 round-the-clock lending throughout the year;

How about the United States and the United States

U.S. Banking is a comprehensive financial services brand under Gome Financial. It guarantees a sound risk management system, cooperates with authoritative financial institutions, selects quality assets and financial products, continuously explores financial innovation models, and provides customized wealth management services for individuals and enterprises. To realize the high-speed allocation of social capital and assets, and to achieve the vision of a platform for financial quality life.