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United States and the United States borrowing

U.S. borrowing is a small loan platform under Gome Financial. Focus on solving the shortage of funds in life, the problem of insufficient credit card balance. Relying on the United States Group, is committed to creating a user-end mobile loan artifact.

United States and the United States on the letter by credit

As long as not overdue, have a good reputation, generally not on the credit.

If it is overdue and repayments within the stipulated time, it will not be charged any more. This means that the U.S. loans are still more humane but still unexpectedly occur. For instance, automatic debit payment is not available on the overdue system and there is a delay on the statutory holidays , APP system failure and so on, this special case caused overdue repayment and other issues, are not on credit, please rest assured to use.

United States and the United States by the United States to call contact phone number

As for whether the U.S. phone will call the contact person, according to the survey conducted by the U.S. borrowed users, there are mainly the following answers:

1, the first borrowed by the United States, did not call directly after;

2, the United States will contact the company and the company, asked in more detail;

3, only the installment will call back, a single period will not call the contact phone.

In other words, different personal circumstances, visit this part of the way is not the same. It is understood that the United States by the majority of lenders review, will have a return visit, and only by returning to the loan success, unless personal qualifications may be loose.

So in this warm reminder, it is best to communicate with the contact in advance of the application for the United States, the contact's reply is very important for the audit. Many of the contacts did not know the situation when they received the US-made return call and thought they were fraudulent calls or rejected them directly, all of which would result in the rejection of the application. Therefore, it is very beneficial for smooth loans when the contacts and contacts reflect their own situation in advance .

Gome US app

The United States by app features

1, arbitrary, want to borrow it.

500-5000 yuan capricious way to choose;

7-30 days deadline to develop;

3 minutes audit, 30 minutes to account.

2, all convenient, ready to borrow.

Apply for simple only three steps;

Mobile borrowing anytime, anywhere;

Data security will not leak;

7 * 24 all year round to lend;

Gome US how to

By virtue of its sound risk management and control system, the United States is cooperating with authoritative financial institutions to select high-quality assets and financial products, continuously exploring financial innovation models and providing customized wealth management services to individuals and businesses , Realize the high-speed allocation of social capital and assets, and fulfill the platform's vision of creating quality life through finance.