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Netease to money

Netease to borrow money is Netease launch consumer loans products, Netease Netease Netease Netease choose Netease payment, Netease money entrance Netease payment APP which. Money users also take the whitelist invitation system, the user behavior data on NetEase payment is the most important money to control the data dimension.

Netease where money

NetEase entrance to the current NetEase payment APP, download NetEase payment APP.

Method / process


Enter NetEase payment official website, official link:


Have a choice of landing account, no account choose to register successfully in the landing


Fill in the registration information, make up the account information is successful, raise the balance payment limit, this step can also be skipped, but the payment will be limited


Fill in the relevant certification information you can see if there Netease money qualifications

NetEase to the amount of money

Netease money users also take the whitelist invitation system, the user behavior in Netease payment data is the most important money to control money dimension. As for NetEase to spend the same amount of money and chantingJingdong whiteSimilarly, in 500-20000 between the amount of filling out their own relevant information to see how much the amount.

Netease money safe?

Netease money Netease company launched the installment of consumer finance, backed by Netease listed companies, security and Jingdong, spend the same chanting. However, Netease money and NetEase payment binding, you need to download Netease payment can see, you want to use Netease money must be paid at the same time choose NetEase payment.

Netease money can be staged it

Netease money NetEase introduced consumer installment finance, NetEase rigorous selection and Netease Koala shopping choose to pay, you can choose NetEase money, payment is successful, Netease money can choose billing staging. At the same time bear some interest.

Netease money to credit it

Currently, the government did not disclose whether NetEase money on the letter, but NetEase as a listed company for the risk control will not be bad, for personal good credit, it is recommended timely repayment.