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New fast now

"New Express" is the CITIC Bank Credit Card Center for eligible high-quality credit card holders, to provide large amount of "cash, installment" credit card cash staging services, cardholders through the computer, mobile phone or telephone online application, real-time Approval, the money will be transferred to my name in real time debit card or CITIC blue card account.

CITIC new fast is how to apply

New Express business application is simple and convenient, there are four ways to choose from:

1, fast online banking application: login online banking, click on the "online application" → "long-term by the stage also" try to apply.

2, online banking application: landing certificate version of online banking, click on the "credit card" → "phased service" → "new fast now" try to apply.

3, manual application: dial customer service hotline 40088-95558 after the input according to the prompts, and then press "0" → "7", enter the phone service password or directly press "*" → "#" into the artificial service, by the staff User application.

4, WeChat application: focus on WeChat account zxyhxyk, in the WeChat click on "do card / staging" → "I want to borrow"

How quickly ahead of schedule repayment

Apply for a new fast after the success of the application from the next month after the repayment, repayment is mainly to the credit card, each period only need part of the principal + fee can be,RepaymentwithCredit card paymentsit's the same.

Of course, if you have enough money in the hands of the words, for the new fast after the current stage, you can also repay in advance. Cardholders only need to call CITIC credit card customer service hotline 40069-95558 application on the line.

CITIC new fast now how long to arrive

In general, after the application is approved, the fastest one working day to arrive, cash hit the debit card. If it is necessary to wait until the weekend may be delayed.

Such a credit card cash loans compared with the general bank consumer loans, will be relatively higher fees, but easy to quickly credited into account quickly, of course, some of the bank mobile phone APP on the small loans is also very convenient, the speed is not a problem, In the interest to do more choice.