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The United States borrowed

US borrowed by Gome's small lending platform, focusing on solving the shortage of funds in life, the credit card balance problem. US borrowed by the United States and gold to create, for the industry and financial ecology of the investment and financing platform. The United States by 500-5000 yuan to provide the amount of 7-30 days, the fastest 30 minutes will be able to account for the fast service.

Do you borrow money?

First of all, we have to understand a situation:

As long as do not to the deadline is not repayment, a good reputation, generally not on the letter of the letter.

If due to different reasons overdue repayment, even if overdue, if the time within the repayment of the words, it will not be on the letter, which is borrowed by the United States is more humane.

But there are unexpected, such as overdue system does not automatically charge, the statutory holidays are delayed, APP system failure, etc., this special circumstances caused by overdue repayment and other issues, are not on the letter.

Do you borrow phone calls?

On the United States by whether to call the contact, according to the US by the user's survey, found that the following main reply:

1, the United States by the first borrow, did not call directly over;

2, the United States will give contact and call the company, asked more detailed;

3, only the stage will call back, a single phase is not to call the phone.

In other words, personal circumstances are different, return to this part of the treatment is not the same. It is understood that the United States by the majority of the lender's review, there will be a return visit, only through a return visit to the success of the loan, unless the individual qualifications may be loose.

So in this warm remind you, in the United States before the United States and the contact is best to communicate in advance, contact the reply for the audit is very important. Many contacts in the United States received a return visit by the phone is not clear, that is fraudulent phone, or direct refusal, which will lead to the application was rejected, so in advance and contact to reflect their own situation is very favorable for the smooth loan The

The United States by app

US borrow app features

1, arbitrary, would like to borrow

- 500-5000 yuan amount of wayward choice;

- 7-30 days deadline required;

- 3 minutes audit, 30 minutes to account.

2, all convenient, at any time by

- only three steps to apply for a simple;

- mobile phone borrow anytime, anywhere;

- data security will not leak;

- 7 * 24 Open all year round;