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For you

"For you" is Lacala's short-term compensation business for credit card bills for high-quality users. The application is convenient and easy to operate. As a payday loan product, “for you” has filled the gap in China's credit business and effectively solved the overdue problem of credit card users. Since its launch, the scale has continued to grow. The Lakara Credit Platform relies on Lahayla's 10-year massive data to establish an industry-leading big data risk control model, providing a variety of credit loan services for individuals and small and micro enterprises. Currently, it has been on the stage of “easy staging”, “for you” and “ Star products such as employee loans are easy to apply and flexible in stages. The single-day lending volume of the platform personal loan business has exceeded 100 million yuan.

How long will it be reviewed for you?

Lakara’s "for you" is mainly based onKoala creditBased on the number, users who pay credit cards that cannot be repaid on the credit expiration date will be repaid first. Within one month, the user sets the loan period on a weekly basis. After submitting the application, the user can approve or reject the fastest 15 seconds. Once approved, the funds will arrive immediately. If the repayment ability does not match the application quota, Lacala will give a reasonable amount of advice to the user through analysis, and apply again after the modification. Generally, it can be approved in just a few minutes.

Lakara also applies for tips

Application skills:

Just fill in and submit my relevant information according to the page prompts. After the application is successfully accepted, Lacala will conduct an evaluation and review. After passing, you can repay your credit card in real time. The review and loan can be completed on the same day, and the money will be transferred to the designated credit card account, and the user only needs to return it within the specified date. The Lakara client page shows that the application quota is at least 1,000 yuan and the maximum is 10,000 yuan. The fee description shows that the business does not charge interest, but charges a single fee. The loan time is as short as one week and the longest is four weeks. The experimenter applied for a loan of 10,000 yuan for one week. After a few seconds, the page is displayed successfully, the cost is 200 yuan, and the actual account is 9800 yuan. The rate is 2%, and the annual rate is 104%. Still taking the loan of 10,000 yuan as an example, if you apply for the installment of the bank credit card center, the shortest period is only 6 months, and the monthly rate is 0.7%, and the total payment is 420 yuan. More than 220 yuan for "for you."

Is Lakara still on your credit?

Kara related person in charge said that access in credit productsKoala creditOn the one hand, it can be used as a reference dimension for assessing the financial ability and repayment ability of borrowing users, thereby improving the efficiency of business processing. In addition, it is also a fulfillment requirement for borrowing users. Once the credit assets are overdue, it will seriously affect its credit rating. In the future, it will even involve scenes in daily life that require credit evaluation, such as going out to take high-speed rail, airplane or employment application. Everything will be affected. Lakara as the first batch approved by the central bankPersonal creditOne of the license companies, although the license has not been officially issued, it can still leave an ugly one on our personal credit, so don't try not to overdue, you must pay back on time.