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For you still

"Reward for you" is a short-term compensation business for credit card bills LaCara launched for premium users. It is easy to apply for operation and quick to lend money. "Pay as you go" as a payday loan products, to fill the gap in the field of credit business in China, effectively solve the overdue credit card users, since the launch, the scale continued to grow. LaCala Credit Platform relies on the decade-long data in La Cala and builds a state-of-the-art big data risk control model to provide a wide range of credit loan services to individuals and small and micro enterprises. At present, the "easy installment", " Staff loans "and other celebrity products, apply for convenience, flexible installments. One-day lending of platform personal loan business has exceeded 100 million yuan.

How long have you checked for you?

La Kala "for you still" mainlyKoala credit pointsBased on the number of credit due to help those who fail to repay the credit card users pay in advance, the cycle in a month, the user set the loan period in weeks as a user, the user submits the application as soon as 15 seconds after approval or veto Once approved, funds arrive immediately. If you encounter the repayment ability and the amount of the application does not match, LaCala will be analyzed, given the user a reasonable amount of proposals, re-apply after the amendment, generally only a few minutes can be approved.

La Cala do you also apply for skills

Application skills:

Just follow the instructions on the page to fill out and submit my information, after the application is accepted, Lacala will assess and review. After the real-time credit card for personal repayments. The audit and lending can be completed the same day, and the money into the designated credit card account, and users only need to return within the specified date. La Cala client page shows that the minimum amount of application for 1,000 yuan, up to 10,000 yuan. Charges show that the business does not charge interest, but charged a single fee. Minimum borrowing time a week, up to four weeks. The experimenter applied for a loan of 10,000 yuan for a week. After a few seconds, the page shows success, the cost is 200 yuan, the actual account 9800 yuan. The rate is 2%, annualized to 104%. For example, if you apply for a loan to a bank credit card center held by a bank, the shortest period is only 6 months, with a monthly rate of 0.7% and a total payment of $ 420. Than "for you still" more than 220 yuan.

La Cala do you still credit?

Carla relevant official said access in credit productsKoala credit pointsOn the one hand, it can serve as a reference dimension for assessing the financial ability and repayment ability of borrowers so as to enhance the efficiency of business operations. In addition, it is also a kind of performance requirements for borrowing users. Once the credit assets are overdue, the credit rating will be seriously affected. In the future, credit evaluation may even be involved in everyday situations. For example, traveling on a high-speed rail, an airplane or an employment candidate Such situation will have an impact. La Cala is the first batch approved by the central bankPersonal creditOne of the licensees, though the license has not been officially issued yet, it still can be unscrupulous in our personal credit, so do not try not to overdue it and make sure you repay it on time.