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Yan value loan

Yan value loan is a lending platform developed by Shenzhen Haitong Technology Co., Ltd. Yan Yan loan APP is based on individual user as the core, to provide users with matching loan service software services. Loan amount is generally 300-5000 yuan. Yan value loan is the United States gifted goods, with Alipay chanting the same type of hole, the amount of the mouth of a higher, the type of model is the same as the lend, the application can also second to account.

Yan credit app

Yan credit app features introduced:

convenientPhone loanParagraph: mobile phone applications can apply for a loan to support users anytime, anywhere to borrow money. At the same time, it provides a convenient mobile phone loan service by supporting the real-time inquiry of borrowing progress on mobile phones.

Installment worry-free: Borrowing can be phased, there are real-time staging reminder, and other user-friendly installment experience can avoid overdue repayment risk of bad credit records.

Let borrowing is no longer difficult: the whole line online APP, make borrowing more simple, fast and efficient. Is all kinds of users to borrow money, borrowing, the choice of loans.

Poly beauty value loans how to raise

Yan value loan technology tips:

1, improve the information:

Fill in more personal information, we can enhance understanding and trust, want to borrow more money is no problem.

2, a second life back to ripening:

Often use [Yan value credit], and maintain good habits, mix a face can also increase the amount.

3, good things to share:

By inviting friends to use [Yan value credit], you and your friends can get benefits.

Poly beauty value loan audit how long

At present, the value of loans in this software users to apply for loans on the general day after the audit can be approved after the fastest one minute can be credited account, arrival time is very fast.