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Yan value loan

Yan value loan is a lending platform developed by Shenzhen Qianhaitong Technology Co., Ltd., which is based on individual users and provides users with software services for loan demand and matching services. The amount of the loan is generally 300-5000 yuan. Yan value loan is a subsidiary of Jumei Premium, which is the same type of Alipay borrower. The amount of the mouth is higher, and the type of borrowing is the same. The application can also be received in seconds.

Yan value loan app

Yan value loan app function introduction:

convenientMobile phone loanMoney: You can apply for a mobile phone loan with your mobile phone, and support users to borrow money anytime, anywhere. At the same time, it provides convenient mobile phone loan services by supporting real-time inquiry of loan progress on mobile phones.

Staging without worry: borrowing can be repaid in installments, as well as real-time staging reminders and other humanized installment repayment experience can avoid the risk of bad credit records due to overdue repayment.

Making borrowing is no longer difficult: lending apps online, making lending simpler, faster, and more efficient. It is the choice of all kinds of users to borrow money, borrow money and loans.

How to increase the amount of the beauty

Yan value loan tips introduction:

1. Improve the information:

Filling out more personal information can strengthen our understanding and trust, and there is no problem in borrowing more money.

2, one time to live two times cooked:

Frequent use of [Yan value loan], and maintain good habits, mixed face can also increase the amount.

3, good things to share:

By using the invitation method to let your friends use [Yan value loan], you and your friends can get benefits.

How long is the Jumeiyan value loan review?

At present, in the software of Yan value loan, users can generally pass the audit on the same day after the application for the loan. The fastest time is 1 minute after the approval, the arrival time is very fast.