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ICBC Cash Po

ICBC CashBill is a money market fund pioneered by ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management Co., Ltd. on March 20, 2006. Starting in April 2014, it was renamed "ICBC Cash Express". Depositing a cash-in-cash account is to purchase the ICBC Credit Suisse IMF and enjoy the benefits of the IMF. Users can redeem at any time after buying ICBC Cash, and use ICBC Card to arrive at the account at the fastest one second. The one-day quick redemption limit of cash line is 1 million, and the current quick redemption supports 17 bank cards. The redemption and subscription of ICBC Cash will not be charged.

ICBC Cash Po

ICBC CashBloc mainly invests in financial instruments in the money market, including:

(1) cash;

(2) Notice deposits;

(3) Bank fixed deposits and large deposit certificates within one year (including one year);

(4) Bonds with a remaining period of 397 days (including 397 days);

(5) Repurchase of bonds with a maturity of less than one year (including one year);

(6) Central bank bills with a term of less than one year (including one year);

(7) Other well-monetized money market instruments recognized by and approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the People's Bank of China to allow money market funds to invest.

ICBC Cash Yield Rate

In terms of income, ICBC Cash's annualised return rate is 12-18 times the bank's current deposit interest rate, and far exceeds the annual deposit rate of 3.75% for two years. In addition, top-up ICBC Credit Suisse Cash Express Express has been enjoyed since T+1 working days.ICBC Currency FundIncome and income are calculated on a daily basis, and holidays also enjoy benefits.

ICBC Cash Po How to Buy

Purchase process:

1. LoginICBC Credit Suisse FundWebsite purchase. At the bottom right of the home page you will see the cash bonus screen and click the one minute opening button.

2. After entering the account opening process, choose your bank account card, you can also useThird party payment, such as Alipay.

3. After selecting the third party tool, click OK.

4. Enter your personal information, and you need mobile verification, then click OK!

5. Enter your account opening information and click Next! to complete the registration opening!

6. Set your trading password, after completing the account opening, directly click on the cash treasure in the homepage of the website - immediate recharge!