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Oxygen Credit

At present, Ping An's mobile phone loan business mainly includes unsecured credit loans, i-loans and oxygen loans, and home mortgage loans. The same is unsecured loans, i-loan hit the fastest rate of 6 minutes of loan, but the maximum amount is only 30,000 yuan, oxygen loans require video interviews, and the maximum amount of 150,000.

What is safe oxygen loan

Before Ping An Pratt and Whitney, it has been pushing its i-loan product, and some users have recently noticed that it has also launched a product called "Oxygen Loan."Credit loanparagraph. So what is a safe oxygen loan?

Large-sum loans were traditionally seen as a pain point for personal consumer finance and financing for small and micro enterprises. Ping An's unsecured loan product “Oxygen Loans” has subverted the customer experience of the loan business, and has allowed unsecured pure online loans to formally become “big The Era."

The amount of oxygen loan is up to 150,000. No mortgage is required. Apply online for approval.

Oxygen credits?

Oxygen loan products will be reported to the People's Bank of China for credit approval if they are approved and borrowed, reminding everyone that please cherish your credit and repay on time.

Currently safe and universalMobile loanIn business, it is mainly unsecuredCredit loani Loans and Oxygen Loans, as well as home mortgage loans. The same is an unsecured credit loan, i-loan hit the fastest 6-minute loan, but the maximum limit is only 30,000 yuan, oxygen loan requires video interviews, and the maximum amount of 150,000.

What are the conditions for oxygen loan?

The introduction of safe oxygen loan application conditions:

Between the ages of 21-55, with full capacity for civil conduct, with Chinese nationality; monthly income after tax is more than 3,000 yuan (inclusive); has a fixed place of residence (live in the current place of residence for at least six months); There is a stable job in the loan area; the occupation is not in the limit of the lending institution.