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Alipay 6.6 Credit Day

Alipay 66 credit day refers to Alipay in June 6 each year when the launch of a credit event, the credit day to pay the letter of credit to promote the function of the medal, access to this medal, need to accept some of the requirements of Sesame credit to receive, The Medal will also receive a mysterious gift on the day of payment.

Alipay 6.6 Credit Day

Alipay 6.6 credit day is byPersonal creditInstitutions sesame was founded, mainly in cooperation with the industry after the joint construction of credit society, so that life is more simple. So every year on June 6 for the "credit day"

66 credit day activities

1, time: June 1, 2017 00: 00 - June 6 23:59

2, the object: all sesame credit customers

3, the rules of activities

3.1 Credit City. Credit city in the June 1 to June 5 every day to add a city block, followed by show convenience, travel, residence, finance, music live five credit city blocks and a variety of credit services. June 6 full of credit city full open.

3.2 Medal Get. Users to complete the "credit city, simple point" interactive task to get the day of the block of the credit city medal; followed by "convenience service medal" "city travel medal" "living life medal" "financial service medal" "city music live medal" ; Each user can only get one block for each block.

3.3 In addition, the user can also be completed by the city has been opened before the interactive task to obtain the previous medal. Example: June 3 login users can get the June 3 "life life medal", but also can be completed on June 1 and June 2 to open the convenience block and travel block "credit city, simple point "Interactive mission, access to" city travel medal "and" convenience service medal ".

3.4 Medal opens. June 1 - June 5 Medal of the reunification on June 6 the same day 06:06 open, the user can receive the medal before the contract can be provided by the business coupons, each medal is limited to receive once, No medal can not receive the service, all the use of credit ticket rules see the rules of the ticket.

3.5 Credit Service Experience Voucher View. Have access to the credit service experience coupons, please pay in the treasure bag - [card package] view.

4. Please refer to the Merchant Details page for other business services.

Alipay 66 Credit Day Medal

After the medal will be in the corresponding city to enjoy a different deposit-free activities, financial services can be shared to get the amount of flower chant, by the amount of leap and by whispering interest-free and other related financial business concessions, such as immediately financial, there are consumption Financial, greetings and so on.

More enjoy the deposit-free cycling and free deposit car rental travel, stay at the hotel deposit and other related services.