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Alipay 6.6 credit day

Alipay 66 Credit Day refers to a credit activity launched by Alipay on June 6th each year. On this credit day, Alipay launched the function of the Medal of Credit. To obtain this medal, you need to receive the Sesame Credit Score to meet certain requirements. The medal will also receive a mysterious gift on the 66th payment day.

Alipay 6.6 credit day

Alipay 6.6 credit day isPersonal creditThe establishment of the organization Sesame was mainly to build a credit society in cooperation with various industries to make life easier. Therefore, June 6th of each year is the "credit day".

66 credit day event

1. Time: June 1, 2017 00:00-6 June 6:59

2. Participants: All Sesame Credit Customers

3. Activity rules

3.1 Credit city. The credit city added a new urban block every day from June 1 to June 5, which in turn showed five credit city blocks, including convenience, travel, residence, finance, and Lohas, and various credit services. The complete credit city was fully opened on June 6.

3.2 Medal acquisition. The user can complete the “Credit City, Simple Point” interactive task to get the credit city medal of the day block; in turn, the “Convenience Service Medal”, “City Travel Medal”, “Residential Life Medal”, “Financial Service Medal” and “City Levitation Medal” Each user can only get one of the block medals for each block.

3.3 In addition, users can also get the previous medal by completing the interactive task of the city block that has been opened before. For example: On June 3, the logged-in user can get the “Residential Living Medal” on June 3, and can also complete the “credit city” of the convenience block and the travel block opened on June 1 and June 2. "Interactive mission, get the "City Travel Medal" and "Convenience Service Medal".

3.4 Medal opening. The medals obtained from June 1st to June 5th will be opened at 06:06 on June 6th. Users can receive the credit service vouchers provided by the cooperative merchants with the medals obtained before. Each medal can only be collected once. There is no medal to receive the service, and the rules for the use of all credit service vouchers are detailed in the voucher rules.

3.5 Credit Service Experience Voucher View. The credit service experience voucher that has been obtained, please check it in Alipay Wallet - [Card Package].

4. For credit services of other merchants, please refer to the rules of the merchant details page.

Alipay 66 Credit Day Medal

After receiving the medal, you will enjoy different deposit-free activities in the corresponding cities. Financial services can share the amount of spending, the amount of the loan and the interest-free period of the relevant cooperative financial merchants, such as immediate finance, and consumption. Finance, Zhaolian is looking forward to waiting.

There are also free deposit-free cyclists and deposit-free car rental tours, and hotel-free deposits and other related services.