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Alipay rewards

The Alipay reward is an award amount that Alipay can offer after it is consumed. The duration of the event is 2017.3.15-2017.6.17. The activity rules and WeChat encourages Kim to be similar, and consumers can get bonuses from Sunday to Thursday. Uses can be deducted on Friday and Saturday for a maximum of once a day.

How to use Alipay rewards

Activity time: March 15th - June 17th, Sundays - Thursdays, rewards will be available to users. Merchants who support the rewards will use Alipay to pay the money, and the order amount will be no less than 2 yuan. A random reward will be awarded. , up to 999 yuan, available once a day. When users pay with Alipay Huayuan and Yuebao, they will have the opportunity to double their rewards and double up to 999 yuan. Double the steps: use Alipay payment - payment success page - click "double" button - Jump page doubles successfully. Users who have not doubled their payment success page can double click on the home page of the bonus and double the day's validity. The same user receives a maximum of 5 bonuses and 5 doubles during a cycle on Sunday-Thursday. The same user can earn up to 4999 yuan bonus during the earning activity time.

Every Friday - Saturday, the bonus can be used as a cash deduction. No bonus is paid.

Alipay rewards entrance

On the Alipay homepage, you can see the blue banner displaying Alipay rewards, and you can click on it.

Alipay rewards activities

Alipay rewards activities are limited to users who use Alipay mobile client (9.9.5 and above)'s payment code is swept, or sweep the payment code to pay for participation. The user supports Alipay payment with Alipay payment. The payment amount is not less than the total amount of bonus. The bonus can be deducted for cash use once; if not used, the weekly bonus will be voided. The bonus cannot be split and cannot be used. Transfer, not cash.

Daily awards are limited to 10 million places, on a first-come, first-served basis. Some of the rewards are available to merchants. Available merchants mark the merchants for the word “reward merchants”. Other merchants see in-store posters and ask in-store staff.

Alipay rewards where to see

First, you can see in the Alipay home page, must be the latest version of Alipay

2. After the payment is successful, it will automatically jump to the bonus page.