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Alipay reward

Alipay incentive payment is Alipay launched after the consumer can receive a reward amount, the duration of the event is 2017.3.15-2017.6.17, activity rules and WeChat encourage gold Datong similar, Sunday to Thursday consumer can get the reward, during the week Five and Saturday can be used to deduct the bonus, up to once a day.

Alipay reward how to use

Time: March 15 - June 17, every Sunday - Thursday, get the bonus, the user in support of the reward payment payment merchants use Alipay to pay, the order amount is not less than 2 yuan, get a random reward , Up to 999 yuan, available once a day. Users use Alipay spent chanting, balance treasure payment, the incentive bonus once doubled the chance to double up to 999 yuan. Double steps: Pay with Alipay - Payments successful page - Click the "double" button - Jump page double success. Users who have not doubled their payment success page can double click on the bonus page and double that day. The same user receives up to 5 rewards and 5 doublings in one cycle from Sunday to Thursday. Earn a campaign time up to 4,999 yuan reward the same user.

Every Friday - Saturday, the bonus can be deducted in cash and no bonus will be given.

Alipay bonus entrance

Alipay home page you can see the blue banner shows Alipay reward, click to.

Alipay reward activities

Alipay bonus activities are limited to users using Alipay mobile phone client (limited to version 9.9.5 and above) payment code is swept, or sweep the payment code to pay to participate. Users in the support of the deduction of the reward payment with Alipay payment, the amount paid is not less than the total amount of the bonus, the bonus can be used to offset the cash; if not used, then the week bonus invalidated, the bonus can not be split use, not Transfer, can not be withdrawn.

Daily bonus payment places only 10 million copies, first come first served. Reward part of the merchants available, available merchants for word of mouth "incentive merchants" mark merchants, other merchants see shop posters and detailed inquiries store staff.

Alipay reward where to look

First, you can see the Alipay home page, you must be the latest version of Alipay

Second, the payment is successful, it will automatically jump bonus page.