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When is the CITIC Bank credit card due date?

CITIC Bank Credit CardDue date

CITIC Credit CardThe due date of repayment refers to the latest repayment time stipulated by CITIC Credit Card holder after using CITIC Credit Card. The CITIC Credit Card holder can repay at any time before this time, but it cannot be later than this. Time repayment, otherwise it will be subject to interest, late payment, and may affect your personal credit.

Consistent with other banks, CITIC Credit Card's due repayment date is closely related to CITIC credit card billing date. The 19th day after the cardholder's CITIC credit card billing date is the date on which your CITIC credit card expires. For example, if your billing date is No. 5 of each month, then your due date is 24th of each month.

CITIC credit card holders can check the expiration date of your credit card in a variety of ways, such as telephone enquiries, online enquiries (need to be opened), the easiest way to find is to look at your credit card statement, in any issue The billing date and the due date of your CITIC credit card are clearly marked on your statement.