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CITIC Bank credit card expiry date is what time?

CITIC Bank credit card due repayment date

CITIC credit card expiry date is CITIC credit card holders use CITIC credit card credit card consumption, CITIC provisions of the latest repayment time, CITIC credit card holders can be any time before this time repayment, but not late At this time repayment, otherwise it will be subject to interest, late fees, and may affect your personal credit.

Consistent with other banks, CITIC credit card expiry date is closely related to the CITIC credit card bill, the cardholder's CITIC credit card bill day after the 19th day is your CITIC credit card expiry date. For example, your bill date is 5 per month, then your expiration date is 24 per month.

CITIC credit card holders can query your credit card due date, such as telephone inquiries, online inquiries (need to open), the easiest way to check is to look at your credit card statements, in any one period On the statement are clearly marked on your CITIC credit card billing date and due repayment date.