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Shanghai Pudong Development Bank loan

In order to comply with the miniaturization of personal consumption loans, real-time, convenient, online development trend, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank loans in the Internet process has made a big breakthrough, including the second half of 2015 launched the Internet consumer loans " Loan "and the first half of 2016, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Card Center launched the cash staging" dream to enjoy the loan ", because of its convenient application, low interest characteristics of concern.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank dream to enjoy how to apply

Pudong Development Credit Card new "dream to enjoy the loan", for new customers and cardholders, with nine staging products, comprehensive coverage of consumers in the "Internet +" era of consumer diversification, the scene of the financial needs, the maximum amount 300000. The application method is as follows:

1, scan the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Card Center official online dream to enjoy the two-dimensional code, click on the application immediately, you can set aside information

2, directly in the [Shanghai Pudong Development Bank credit card center] WeChat public number in the application, if the conditions are met within two days there will be staff to contact you for the door.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank dream to enjoy the number of interest

From May 18, 2016 to October 18, 2016, the first stage of the bill to pay a one-time payment of all fees, but also enjoy a 1% rate cut. Dream to enjoy the interest rate as follows:

How to apply for money

Puyin point loan is characterized by "pure credit, on the line, without paper information, real-time approval of loans", you can through the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank WeChat public number, mobile app and online banking applications. The process of applying through WeChat is as follows:

1. Through the WeChat public number "Shanghai Pudong Development Bank", enter "point loan", receive the product entrance.

2. Enter the query password and other personal information, answer three and personal related to the right and wrong.

3. Signed to submit, wait for credit, 5 minutes real-time loans.

What is the interest rate of Puching?

Pu silver point of the maximum amount of 300,000 yuan, the loan period of up to 5 years, according to daily interest rates, daily interest rate of about two ten thousandths.

1. If the term of the loan is within one year (inclusive), you may choose one of the two methods of repayment and repayment.

2. Loan period of more than 1 year, you can choose the monthly principal amount, the monthly amount of principal and interest repayment.

And, for the whole process and early repayment do not charge any fees.