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What is the credit limit of CITIC Bank?

How much is the CITIC Bank quota??

The amount of the quota directly determines the level of the overdraft. The overdraft limit of different credit card varieties of CITIC Bank is definitely different. Even if the same card type is different for different people, the amount is different.

When CITIC Bank grants credit card overdrafts, it will review the given quota based on the personal data provided by the applicant. In other words, the more detailed and comprehensive the information provided by the applicant to CITIC Bank, the higher the credit limit will be given. The amount of the card you are applying for is mainly determined according to the status of your assets. If you have a car and a house, and the income is high, then the amount will definitely not be low.

1. The credit line of China CITIC Bank Puka is generally between 3,000 and 10,000 yuan.

2. The credit line of CITIC Bank Gold Card is in the range of RMB 10,000-50,000.

3. The credit line of CITIC Bank Card is generally more than 50,000 yuan.

4,CITIC Bank Credit CardThe cash withdrawal amount can reach 30% of the actual amount.

CITIC Bank Credit Card Available Quota

Cardholders can use or fixed the phone, call CITIC Bank 24-hour customer service: 400-889-5558, press 5 to enter the credit card business, enter personal information, you can query.

In addition, you can also check the credit card limit and the cash withdrawal amount on the credit card statement sent to you by CITIC Bank every month, or you can check it on.

Popularization of knowledge: under the same account name, multiple CITIC BankCredit card sharing

CITIC Bank only approves one credit overdraft credit for all credit cards held by CITIC Bank held by the same cardholder. That is to say, no matter how many CITIC Bank credit cards the cardholder has, the total amount of actual overdraft can be certain. The cards share the same maximum amount, which is the credit line.

If you have two CITIC Bank credit cards, one credit is 8,000 yuan and the other is 10,000 yuan, then your total amount is not their cumulative, but the highest value is 10,000 yuan.