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What is the CITIC Bank Balance Inquiry Method?

1, telephone inquiries CITIC Bank balance

As long as the call CITIC Bank 800 free customer service telephone inquiries credit card balance, CITIC Bank customer service phone quickly turn to labor, 4008895558-1-1 or 8009995558-1-6-0 can be connected to manual services. In the case of

2, mobile phone inquiries CITIC bank card balance

Search via SMSCITIC Bank Credit Card(YE1234), mobile users to: 106575580895558, China Unicom users to send: 10655020095558 can query CITIC Bank credit card balance.


3, ATM query CITIC bank balance

CITIC Bank ATM machine inquiries CITIC Bank credit card balance, you can also affix the CUP logo with the ATM can query, the balance query completely free. In the case of

4, online banking inquiries CITIC bank balance

Through the online banking inquiries CITIC bank credit card balance, log on CITIC Bank Internet banking, click balance query to check the credit card balance and consumption details. In the case of

5, counter bank inquiries CITIC bank balance

Directly to the nearby CITIC Bank any business outlets, remember to bring the ID card and a bank card, you can check your CITIC bank card balance.