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Gitzo loan interest exceeds bank interest

Questioner: REN*** City: Changsha label: Question Time: 2017-01-20 07:42
                Please don't goGood CreditGitzo always cooperates with some unqualified assembly motorcycles to assemble computers and mobile phones.
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  •                             Manager XiaoCredit Manager Service Area: Changsha
    2017-03-24 13:31
            Gitzo has management fees and service fees, as well as interest, service fees can be canceled. In general, the overall cost of consumer loans is higher than bank interest, and even higher than the cost of small loans.
  •                             Forest ManagerCredit Manager Service area: Quanzhou
    2017-01-20 13:57
            That's the customer manager you've met. You can complain about it. Of course, interest is higher than the bank. You have to think about your own conditions. The bank is low but he will lend it to you?
  • Manager Yan Credit Manager Service area: Beijing Service Agency: Rong Lian Wai Yip
    2017-01-20 14:46
            Hello, the interest rate of the lending platform itself is higher than that of the bank. Please be aware of this.
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