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China Merchants Bank's credit card application conditions?

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China Merchants Bank Credit Card ApplicationNeed to meet the age of 18-60 years old, have a stable job and income, ID card and work certificate, if there are other financial proofs, help to increase the credit limit. The details are as follows: 1. Identification: In general, an ID card can be provided. If it is a soldier, a copy of the military certificate is required. 2. Proof of work: The general work certificate is to determine that you have a stable source of income and repayment ability to reduce the risk of card processing. It may be the original work certificate issued by the employer or the original verified by the promoter and the work permit. Or a copy of the work card. 3. Financial proof: The financial certificate issued to the bank is to prove that you have the ability to pay off the overdraft amount after the credit card overdraft consumption. It can be the bank's payroll record or the real estate license, car and deposit. The financial information you have is sufficient, and the social insurance personal account within the last 6 months is also available.

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