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And credit terms are fixed, it is possible to repay in advance?

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  •             Rong 360 Xiaobian
    2017-08-08 18:18
            According to the actual situation of the borrower, it is possiblePrepaymentThe
    Early repayment means that the borrower is repaid before the repayment period is outstandingloanOf the behavior of the early repayment in some cases favorable to the borrower and detriment to the lender. Early repayment includes all repayment in advance, part of the repayment in advance and the loan period of the same, part of the repayment in advance to shorten the loan period three cases.
  • Chen Jingli Credit manager Service area: Luoyang Service: safe and Pratt & Whitney
    2017-08-08 22:04
            Generally can be ahead of time also
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