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Want to apply for credit loans, may I need to meet the conditions?

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    2018-01-28 21:12
            Bank personalCredit LoansApplicant Conditions:
    In China, there are fixed residences, resident accounts in local towns (or valid certificates), full civil capacity, and all Chinese citizens who meet the following conditions may apply for personal credit loans.
    1. Have a proper occupation and stable source of income (monthly wage income must be more than 1,000 yuan), with the ability to repay the principal and interest on loans;
    2. The borrower's unit must be recognized by the bank and has good cooperative relations with the bank's administrative and business enterprises and institutions and the need to be paid by the bank on behalf of wages;
    3. Abide by the law, there is no illegal behavior and bad records;
    In ChinaICBCOpen personal settlement account and agree that the bank will deduct the loan principal and interest from its designated personal settlement account;
    5. Bank conditions other conditions.
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    2018-01-28 21:03
            Applicants in the case of personal credit standards, but also need to meet the following basic conditions:
    1) There are fixed residences in China, permanent resident accounts in local cities, and Chinese citizens with full civil capacity;
    2, there is a legitimate job and stable economic income, with scheduled repaymentsloanAbility of principal and interest
    3, abide by the law, there is no illegal behavior andBad credit history;
    4, the loan bank provides other conditions.
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