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Want to apply for a credit loan, what conditions do you need to meet?

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    2018-01-28 21:12
            Bank individualCredit LoansApplicant conditions:
    Chinese citizens who have a permanent residence in China, have a permanent residence in a local town (or a valid certificate), have full civil capacity, and meet the following conditions can apply for a personal credit loan.
    1. Have a legitimate occupation and a stable source of income (monthly wage income must be above 1,000 yuan), with the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on schedule;
    2. The borrower's unit must be an administrative, enterprise, or institution that is recognized by the bank and has a good cooperative relationship with the bank and must be paid by the bank;
    3. Obey the law, no illegal behavior and bad records;
    4. In ChinaICBCOpen a personal settlement account and agree to debit the loan principal and interest from the designated personal settlement account;
    5. Other conditions imposed by the bank.
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2018-01-28 21:03
            Applicants are also required to meet the following basic conditions in the case of personal creditworthiness:
    1. Chinese citizens with fixed residences, permanent residences in local cities, and full civil capacity in China;
    2. A job with legitimate and stable economic income, with regular repaymentloanAbility of principal and interest;
    3. Compliance with laws and regulations, no illegal acts andBad credit history;
    4. Other conditions stipulated by the loan bank.
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