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What is the personal loan amount for home consumption?

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    2018-02-10 23:07
            Home Loan is a consumer finance product launched by Red Star Macalline Group in cooperation with some banks. Consumers can handle the business according to their own needs, and once approved, they can get a special offer from the bank.Renovation loan. Home loan is aCredit LoansProducts, qualified users do not need any mortgage, handling fees, can get the highest 500,000Loan amount. There is a set of figures on the loan amount for those who need it. Namely: monthly salary (24 times) + net worth (16%) + car production (50%), may wish to look before applying. In addition, home loans are currently divided into 12, 24, 36 repayment periods. "Now the 12-year repayment is 0 interest, 0 handling fee." The processing cycle of home loan products is also relatively fast. The fastest 3 working days can be completed, and the minimum is 6 working days.
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    2018-02-10 22:55
            Personal homeConsumer loanAnd personal housingRenovation loanPersonal home consumption loans refer to the use of self-owned or third-party property houses as collateral to apply for loans for household expenses such as furniture purchases and household appliances. Personal household consumptionLoan amountThe maximum amount does not exceed 50% of the assessed value of the collateral. The maximum period of the loan cannot exceed 10 years.Lending ratesExecute the term rate specified by the People's Bank of China. Personal housing renovation loans refer to loans issued by banks for the renovation of their own homes. In principle, the loan amount for individual housing renovation loans is not more than 150,000 yuan, and the maximum number is 50%. The maximum loan period is no more than 5 years.
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