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What do you need to apply for an unsecured loan?

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    2018-03-12 21:14
    Unsecured loanApplication information
    1) valid identity documents;
    2) proof of permanent residence or proof of valid residence, and proof of permanent residence;
    3) proof of marital status;
    4)Proof of incomeOr proof of personal assets status;
    5) Loan use plan or statement
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    2018-03-12 17:00
    Unsecured loanThe basic conditions are:
    (1) First, residents of mainland China;
    (2) Second, there is a stable address and work or business location;
    (3) Third, there is a stable source of income;
    (4) Four is noBad credit historyThe purpose of the loan cannot be used as stocks, gambling, etc.
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