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What is the small loan for ABC?

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    2018-03-12 21:10
            Agricultural Bank Personal Business Loan
    ABC's personal business loan is a kind of personal business loan product that needs to be mortgaged. The maximum loan is 10 million, and the loan term is 1 year. What characteristics does it have?
    1,Loan amountUp to 10 million;
    2. The maximum number of mortgages is 70%;
    3,Lending ratesThe minimum rate is about 20% higher than the benchmark interest rate;
    4. The term of the loan is 1 year and the credit period is 10 years;
    5. The collateral (property) area is more than 50 square meters, and the housing age is within 20 years; what are the loan conditions?
    Operating time must be more than 2 years;
    The maximum length of the house is not more than 20 years, and the area of ​​the property shall not be less than 50 square meters. 3. The area where the collateral is located shall be the location of the loan. The types of collateral include ordinary houses, villas, shops and office buildings.
      ABCLoan application materials include:
    1. ID card, household registration book, marriage certificate,Proof of income;
    2. Business license, code certificate and tax registration certificate;
    3. The company's articles of association and capital verification report;
    4. Tax payment certificate, financial statement, purchase and sales contract for the past 3 months.
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    2018-03-12 15:14
    1. The loan method is flexible and diverse. Farmers can take guarantees, mortgages, and conditions when they meet the conditions.Pledge, farmers, joint insurance and other ways to apply for loans.
    2, the use of the way is free and flexible. According to different payment methods, the microfinance loans of farmers are divided into self-service and recyclable methods and general methods. In the self-service and recyclable mode, the borrower can withdraw and repay the loan through self-service borrowing with the maximum amount and time limit approved; the specific payment method is determined by the borrower and the Agricultural Bank of China.
    3. Save interest. In the self-service and recyclable mode, the micro-loan of the farmer is calculated according to the actual number of days of use of the loan, which can minimize the interest expenses of the borrower.
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