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Why can't I pay ahead of time?

questioner: City: National Label: Early repayment Question Time: 2017-10-19 06:48
                Some time ago the money did not pay, I applied forloanNow that I have money, I want to pay off my loan. Why can't I?Prepayment?
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  •             Financial 360 small series
    2017-10-20 18:17
            Hello there,Repayment in advanceThere are different ways that most banks can now provide five ways to repay loans in advance for customers to choose.
    First, allPrepayment, that is, the customer will have all the remainingloanPay off once. (No interest, but the interest paid will not be refunded)
    In the second case, some of the repayments were made in advance, and the remaining loans kept the monthly repayment amount unchanged, shortening the repayment period. (Save more interest)
    The third kind, some repayments in advance, the remaining loan will reduce the monthly repayment amount, keep the repayment period unchanged. (Reducing monthly burden, but saving less than the second)
    The fourth, partial repayment in advance, the remaining loan will reduce the monthly repayment amount, while shortening the repayment period. (Save more interest)
    In the fifth type, the remaining loans keep the total principal unchanged, and only the repayment period is shortened. (Increase in monthly supply, reduce some interest, but it is relatively uneconomical)
    Financial managementExperts suggest that in advance of repayment, principal should be reduced as much as possible, and the loan period should be shortened so that the interest on the expenses is less.
  •             Financial 360 small series
    2017-10-20 18:17
            Hello there,Repayment in advanceThere is a requirement:
    One is that the borrower must pay back normally on a monthly basisloanSix months after the principal and interest, it is possible to propose early repayment of part or all loans;
    The second is that the lending institutions are serious loan management, and they set a minimum amount for the early repayment of some loans, generally requiring more than 10,000 yuan;
    Thirdly, the borrower needs to inform the lending institution 10 days or 15 days in advance of the loan repayment in advance. The borrower must submit the original loan contract, the bank loan repayment card, the monthly capital interest sheet, and his ID card to the lending institution in writing. Apply, and subject to its approval;
    Fourth, the borrower still needs to repay the loan repayments of the original monthly loan principal and interest in the same month. At the same time, the borrower needs to repay the loan amount that needs to be repaid in advance into the bank savings card.
  • Manager Zhao Credit Manager Service Area: Shijiazhuang Service Organization: Thousands of Wealth
    2017-10-22 08:49
    PrepaymentNeed to call
  • Manager Chen Credit Manager Service Area: Luoyang Service Agency: Ping An Pratt & Whitney
    2017-10-20 20:59
            Is it impossible to settle early?
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