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[Bohai Bank Beijing Branch - Operating Loan] Is the house that can be mortgaged?

Questioner: REN*** City: Beijing Tags: Bank Issues, Bohai Bank Beijing Branch, Operating Loans Question Time: 2016-10-05 15:33
                                This question is targeted at                     Beijing Bohai Bank Branch Operating Loan                                 (                                 Mortgage property                 )
Bohai Bank Beijing Branch

Interest rate description:                Monthly interest rate 0.44% (loan 500,000 12 months, monthly supply42854Yuan, total cost of 14,300)

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Consultant Comments:
The place of business registration is Beijing, the business period is 2 years, and the local real estate in Beijing can apply.
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  •                             Cattle managerCredit manager Service area: Beijing
    2016-10-06 14:17
            Yes, the third party can be the borrower and the real estate owner can act as the mortgagor. If you have a property, you can apply for unsecuredBank loan.
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