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What are the better ways to apply for a microloan?

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    2018-03-05 21:32
            Apply for a small amountCredit LoansCan also apply for a mortgage orSecured loan. Mortgage or guarantee is relatively simple, generally you can provide mortgage or collateral,MicrofinanceCommon ways are: the bank's own unsecured microfinance business for merchants or farmers; the unsecured microfinance business carried out by banks and insurance companies is guaranteed by insurance companies.Bank loanThe formal microfinance company uses its own funds to carry out the loan business.

    Personal credit loans, that is, individual unsecured unsecured credit loans. At present, the most common on the market is the personal credit loan business of Easy Loan China, which is a popular loan product customized for individuals with loan needs in the country. Easy Loan China's personal credit loan is limited by application, and the loan term, interest rate and repayment method can be flexibly combined and loved by customers. Customers who apply for “Personal Credit Easy Loan” will also enjoy “zero fee” service and free and professional loan feasibility assessment service.
    (1) Personal credit loan application materials
    1) valid identity documents;
    2) proof of permanent residence or proof of valid residence, and proof of permanent residence;
    3) proof of marital status;
    4) proof of income or proof of personal assets;
    5) the use plan or statement of the use of the loan;
    6) Other information requested by the bank.

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    Quick application channel for loans, the amount: 0.5-500 million yuan:
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    2018-03-06 00:11
            Path 1: Bank If you have a good credit history, stable work and income, you can go to the bank.Microfinance. Loans through this channel can not only get lowerLending ratesAnd safe and reliable, it is the borrower's top choice. However, if the loan threshold is too high, not everyone can get what they want. So before applying for a small loan, the borrower should evaluate the situation and see if it is suitable.Bank loanIn order to save loan approval time. Path 2: Small loan companies In addition to banks, borrowers can also find loans to small loan companies. Compared with banks, small loan companies not only have low thresholds, but also lend money quickly, but the loan cost is slightly higher, because in addition to interest, a certain amount of handling fee is also required. In addition, from a security point of view, the small loan company is also slightly lost to the bank, so I would like to remind everyone: I want to find a reliable small loan company, in addition to personal visits, but also remember not to get a loan Do not pay any fees before. Path three:credit card Many people think that credit cards are pure consumption tools, but in fact, credit cards are also a short-term micro-credit. Moreover, compared with the traditional bank microloan, the credit card has an advantage, that is, the cardholder can enjoy the interest-free period. That is to say, after the cardholder overdrafts the credit card, as long as the specified repayment date is repaid, the interest-free period can be enjoyed, and the period can be up to 56 days.
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