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Will the loan be notified to the bank?

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    2017-11-30 12:47
            Yes, first, the operation flow chart provides consultation -> accept application -> pre-lending investigation -> loan approval -> loan issuance -> loan recovery -> loan management
    Brief description of each link in the process
    1. Provide consultation, accept application, pre-lending investigation
    (1) Providing consultations The consultant provides consulting services to clients. The consultation contents include: types of personal housing loans that have been opened, objects, conditions, quotas, terms, and interest rates.RepaymentWaiting for the situation.
    (2) Accepting the application The borrower isConstruction bankAfter consultation, provide the following information: ID card, mortgagor relationship certificate, borrowerProof of income, the purchase contract, the first payment voucher, the guarantor agrees with the written proof of the guarantee and other relevant information requested by the Construction Bank.
    (3) Pre-lending investigation After accepting the loan application, the manager shall investigate the completeness, authenticity, validity and legality of the “application” submitted by the loan applicant and the information required to be provided. Through the pre-lending investigation, it is considered that the loan conditions are met and ready for approval.

    Second, loan approval
    (1) Within the authority of examination and approval of the handling bank, the credit officer of the handling bank – the person in charge of the credit department – ​​the person in charge of the handling office
    (2) The approval of the handling office other than the approval authority of the handling bank – after the investigation and approval of the credit approval agency of the higher-level bank, the loan approval form and the approval materials are handed over to the person in charge of the credit department, and the person in charge of the credit department is in the process of examination and approval. The approval opinions are signed on the form and the governor is in charge of the approval of the approval form on the approval form.

    Third, the loan issuance and signing the contract - handling the mortgage registration, insurance, notarization and other formalities - after the contract takes effect, fill in all kinds of vouchers - the borrower opens a deposit account - to handle the loan transfer procedures.
    (1) Signing the contract After the loan is approved, the handling personnel shall fill in the contract and the borrower's party (the borrower, the mortgagor, the guarantor) and the constructing bank's right signatory to sign the relevant contract according to different borrowing purposes and loan guarantee methods. (2) After handling the mortgage registration, insurance notarization, opening the deposit account of the borrower, etc., after signing the mortgage contract and receiving the mortgaged property, the credit department shall register the “collateral and warrant registration book” item by item according to the mortgage. The value of the "China Construction Bank collateral receipt notice" is stamped with the name of the manager, the official seal of the business department and the name of the borrower or mortgagor, together with the mortgage certificate, pledge and warrants to the custodian department and the accounting department.
    (3) Fill in various accounting documents after the contract takes effect.
    (4) Handling the loan payment procedures After receiving the payment notice from the credit department and verifying it, the accounting department shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures, handle the loan transfer procedures, and the transfer shall be made by one of the direct payment or the special allocation. paragraph

    Fourth, loan recovery
    (1) Entrusted debit method: The borrower should sign an entrustment deduction agreement with the loan bank.
    (2) Counter repayment method: The borrower will hand over the cash or credit card and savings card to the counter manager.

    V. Post-loan management
    (1) Daily management: on the issuePersonal housing loanConduct tracking management, query analysis, including loan account, daily loan notice, overdue collection, post-loan inspection, query statistics, daily collateral storage, until the loan is settled.
    (2) Demolition of the Qing Dynasty: After the borrower pays off all the principal and interest of the loan on time, the credit department shall record the “registration book of the pledge and the warrants” and fill in the “construction of the collateral and pledge of China Construction Bank”. The Notice" informs the accounting department and the collateral preservation department. After the accounting department, the custodial department, and the custodial department have verified the correctness, the procedures for clearing the households shall be handled accordingly.
    (3) Archives management: After the credit handlers have completed each loan, they will collect all the relevant materials on a regular basis, and then hand over the original contract to the file manager and handle the transfer procedures. A copy of the contract is reserved for the credit department for daily management. After the loan principal and interest are settled, the credit department shall notify the file manager to formally file the file.
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    2017-11-30 13:02
            Yes, the money will be credited, and a text message will be sent to the mobile number left when the application form is completed.Bank loanstep:

    The lender submits a loan application and provides the information requested by the bank.
    The bank investigates the collateral (pre-assessment) and signs the loan contract with the bank, signing the fingerprints and handling all loan procedures.
    The bank submits the loan information for approval, and after the loan is approved, it will go through formal mortgage procedures.
    Go to the bank to sign the loan in the accounting department to agree to the loan, and get the original borrowing data.
     The bank lends money to the designated account. And will be notified by SMS.
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