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Will the bank inform you of the loan?

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  •             Enthusiastic net friend
    2017-11-30 12:47
            Yes, I. Operational Flow Charts to Provide Advice-> Accepting Applications-> Pre-Debt Investigations-> Loan Approvals-> Loan Issuances-> Loan Recycling-> Loan Management
    A brief description of each link in the process
    1. Provide consultation, accept application, pre-loan survey
    (1) Providing consultation The commissioner provides consulting services to clients. The consulting content includes: types, objects, conditions, quotas, terms and interest rates of personal credit loans that have been set up.RepaymentEtc.
    (2) Receiving application Borrower is on the wayConstruction BankAfter consultation, and provide the following information: ID card, certificate of the mortgage person's relationship, borrowerProof of incomeThe purchase contract, the first payment voucher, the guarantor agrees to the written proof of the guarantee and other relevant information requested by the Construction Bank.
    (3) Pre-lending investigation After receiving the application for a loan, the Commissioner investigates the integrity, authenticity, validity and legality of the “Application Form” submitted by the loan applicant and the information requested. Through pre-lending investigations, it was considered that the loan conditions were met and preparations were made for approval.

    Second, loan approval
    (1) Within the approval authority of the handling bank The credit department of the bank - the person in charge of the credit department - the head of the handling bank
    (2) After the approval authority of the bank has been approved by the bank, it is reported to the superior bank's credit approval agency for approval. After investigation, the loan approval form and approval materials are sent to the person in charge of the credit department, and the person in charge of the credit department is approving it. The approval opinions are signed on the form and sent to the branch manager to appraise the approval opinions on the approval form.

    Third, the loan is issued to sign the contract - for mortgage registration, insurance, notary and other procedures - after the contract comes into force to fill in all types of documents - the borrower to open a deposit account - apply for loan transfer formalities.
    (1) Signing the contract After the approval of the loan, the handling staff will fill in the contract separately according to different borrowing purposes and loan guarantee methods, and the borrower parties (borrower, mortgagor, guarantor) shall sign the relevant contract with the signatory of the Construction Bank. (2) After handling mortgage registration, insurance notarization, opening a deposit account for borrowers and other relevant formalities, and signing a mortgage contract and receiving the mortgaged property, the credit department shall register the "Pledged Property and Warrants Registration Book" and the mortgage according to the collateral. Fill in the “China Construction Bank Mortgage Accepted Notice” stamped with the name of the handler, the official seal of the business department, and the name of the borrower or the mortgagor, together with the mortgage warrant, the quality object and the warrant, and submit it to the custody department and accounting department.
    (3) Fill in various types of accounting documents after the contract takes effect.
    (4) Applying for loan transfer procedures After the accounting department receives the notice of payment from the credit department and checks it for correctness, it can be used to apply for loan transfer procedures in accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures, or to use one of the following methods: paragraph

    Fourth, loan recovery
    (1) Deduction method for entrustment: The borrower shall sign a debit agreement with the loan bank.
    (2) Counter repayment method: The borrower will send the cash or credit card and savings card to the counter operator.

    V. Post-loan management
    (1) Daily Management: IncomingPersonal housing loanConduct follow-up management, query analysis, including loan account, daily loan notice, overdue collection, post-loan inspection, query statistics, and daily custody of collateral until the loan is settled.
    (2) Cancellation of clearing households: After the borrower pays back the principal and interest of all loans on schedule, the credit department shall sell the "arrival and pledge warrant registration book" at the same time and simultaneously fill in "China Construction Bank's mortgage and pledges transfer out. "Notification" informs the accounting department and the collateral preservation department. After the accounting department, the custody department, and the custody department have performed the audit, the formalities for canceling the account will be handled accordingly.
    (3) File management: After the loan handler completes each loan, the bank will regularly collect the relevant information that has been collected and then hand over the original contract to the file manager and handle the relevant transfer formalities. A copy of the contract will be kept by the credit department for the day-to-day management. After the principal and interest of the loan is settled, the credit department shall notify the file administrator to formally file the file.
  •             Enthusiastic net friend
    2017-11-30 13:02
            Yes, when the money arrives, the text message will be sent to the mobile phone number left when completing the application form.Bank loansstep:

    The lender submits the loan application and provides the information required by the bank.
    The bank conducts an investigation (pre-assessment) of the mortgaged property and signs a loan contract with the bank, signs it by fingerprint, and handles all loan procedures.
    The bank submits the loan information for approval. After the loan is approved, formal mortgage procedures apply.
    The bank signed the agreement on the account of the accounting department to agree to the loan, and obtained the original loan.
     The bank lends money to the designated account. And SMS notifications.
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