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How can I make the financial statements of the loan?

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    2018-03-15 13:06
            The company needs a loan. The general bank requires nearly three years of financial statements. In order to make the report beautiful, it is necessary to make all the indicators meet the requirements.Bank loanRequirements; 1, the ratio of net assets to annual loan balance. Must be greater than 100% (real estate companies can be greater than 80%). 2. Asset-liability ratio. Must be less than 70%, preferably less than 55%. Solvency: 3. Current ratio. Under normal circumstances, the larger the indicator, the stronger the short-term solvency of the company, usually the index is better at 150%~200%. 4. Quick ratio. Under normal circumstances, the larger the indicator, the stronger the short-term solvency of the enterprise. Usually, the indicator is better at around 100%, and the appropriate relaxation for SMEs should be greater than 80%. 5. Guarantee ratio. Companies should reduce the risk of loss to a minimum. Generally speaking, the ratio is less than 0.5 as well. Cash flow: 6. The net cash flow generated by the business activities of the company should be positive, and the cash return of its sales income should be above 85~95%. 7. The enterprise pays for the purchase of goods in the business activities, and the cash payment rate of the labor service should be above 85~95%. Operating capacity: 8, the main business income growth rate. Generally speaking, if the main business income growth rate is not less than 8% per year, it indicates that the main business of the company is in the growth period. If the ratio is below -5%, the product will enter the end of life. 9. Accounts receivable turnover rate. The average business should be more than six times. Generally speaking, the higher the turnover rate of enterprise accounts receivable, the shorter the average collection period of enterprise accounts receivable, and the faster the return of funds. 10, deposit and loan turnover rate, the average SME should be greater than five times. The faster the inventory turnover rate, the lower the inventory occupancy level and the stronger the liquidity. Operating Benefits: 11. Operating profit margin, which represents the profitability of the annual operating income, reflecting the company's comprehensive profitability. Generally speaking, the indicator should be greater than 8%. Of course, the larger the indicator value, the stronger the comprehensive profitability of the enterprise. 12. The return on net assets is currently greater than 5% for SMEs. In general, the higher the value of the indicator, the higher the return on investment and the higher the level of profitability of shareholders. However, it is difficult to achieve the actual situation of the enterprise. Of course, it is not difficult for the mediator to make the report express. It is difficult for the bank to require auditing by the accounting firm, and the firm is more cautious and strict on the loan audit. Need a good accommodation.
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    2018-03-15 11:39
            1. Each bank pairloanThe requirements for the report are basically the same
    2, each bank has a report rating system, they will pay attention to the following indicators,
    Loans, banks pay attention to the following indicators
    A, gross profit must not be less than 10%, profit margin must not be less than 5%
    B, current ratio Standard value: 2:1
    C, quick ratio Standard value: 1:1
    D. Asset-liability ratio, standard value: there is no fixed standard value, the smaller the better
    E. Accounts receivable turnover rate The receivables turnover days shall be at least 100 days.
    F. Inventory turnover rate According to the industry, the average inventory turnover rate is best in 30-45 days.
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