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Which bank will be better for mortgage loans?

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    2018-03-15 15:45
    MortgageInterest is almost the same for every bank; allBank interest rateBasically, it is not much different. Interest is not determined by the bank itself. It is uniformly required by the CBRC. Each bank has only weak adjustment authority; generally, the lower interest rates are the four state-owned banks:Bank of China,Construction bankIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China; these four banks have fast mortgage loans, but the information review is very strict. Other small bank loans are slower but less demanding. Supplementary note: Mortgage refers to the loan that the borrower obtains from the bank with certain collateral as the item; it is a form of bank lending, and the collateral usually includes securities, national bonds, various stocks, real estate, and goods. Bill of lading, stack or other various documents that prove the ownership of the item; if the loan expires, the borrower must return it in full, otherwise the bank has the right to deal with the collateral as a kind of compensation.
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    2018-03-15 19:02
            Most commercial banks are now able to handle homes.MortgageHowever, the premise is that the house must meet the mortgage conditions, and the mortgaged property can not be used for mortgage loans, which needs attention. It is recommended to consult several banks and compare them to choose a bank that suits you.
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