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What information is needed to handle personal consumption loans, is it easy?

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    2018-02-10 22:16
            Apply for an individualConsumer loanThe basic conditions: 1, natural persons with full capacity for civil conduct, and between the ages of 20-55; 2, a legitimate occupation and stable economic income, with the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on time; 3, able to provide enough The compensatory individual or unit as a guarantee or can use the effective real estate, movable property or equity as a loan (quality); 4, a certain proportion of the total amount of self-funded funds; 5, the purpose of consumption is the borrower's own or family use ;6, noneBad credit history; 7, other conditions that specific loan types should have. The materials generally required by the borrower to apply for consumer loans: 1. The borrower's main qualification materials, such as ID cards, household registration books, etc.; 2. Materials that confirm the borrower's borrowing purposes, such as purchase and sales contracts, relevant agreements, etc.; 3. Confirm the borrower Relevant materials for repayment ability, such as wage certificates; 4. Relevant materials for guarantors and collateral; 5. Proof materials for self-raised funds, such as deposit statements, prepayment vouchers, etc. 6. Specific loan types should be provided other materials
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    2018-02-10 19:32
    Consumer loanDivided intoMortgagewithCredit Loans, mortgage loan processing conditions: 1, at least 22 years of age; 2, holding a valid ID card; 3, noBad credit history4, there is a fixed work certificate; 5, with the income certificate of the unit's financial chapter; 6, with the title certificate of the land certificate. Credit loan processing conditions: 1, 18 years of age; 2, holding a valid ID card; 3, no bad credit records; 4, a fixed work certificate; 5, a financial certificate with a unit financial chapter; 6, other financial proof Such as real estate, automobiles, stocks, bonds, etc.; 7, social pension insurance certificate; 8, provide two contacts. The first 5 conditions must be met to apply for a credit loan.
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