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[China Minsheng Bank-Personal Business Loan] I am an employee of a state-owned enterprise. I have a salary of more than 4,000, working for 5 years, and my credit card has been overdue. Can I make a loan?

Questioner: REN*** City: Zhengzhou Tags: Bank Issues, China Minsheng Bank, Personal Business Loans Question Time: 2016-10-11 15:29
                                This question is targeted at                     Zhengzhou Zhongshengsheng Bank Personal Business Loan                                 (                                 No mortgage required                 )
China Minsheng Bank

Interest rate description:                Monthly interest rate of 0.7% (loan 500,000 12 months, monthly supply43587Yuan, total cost 23,000)

success case:Already83Application
Consultant Comments:
Applicable to business owners and self-employed applicants, registered and operated in Changsha for one year, and the monthly flow of water is more than 3 million.
Reminder: need to provide business license and bank flow, do not accept credit bad, excessive debt application
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  •                             Manager WuCredit manager Service area: Zhengzhou
    2016-10-12 08:00
            First of all, how serious is your card overdue situation, whether it is more than 90 days, several times, is it continuous, different degrees have different treatments, if only a few times overdue, more than a few days, the relationship has little effect .
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