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Where can I borrow money without using my personal data?

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  •             Enthusiastic net friend
    2018-03-05 22:47
            Loans generally need a stable source of income to be processed, but they also need to look at the bank’s specific requirements. The proposal can go to a regular lending institution to ask in detail.
    MicrofinanceApplication conditions:
    1. A Chinese citizen who has reached the age of 18;
    2. Have a stable address and place of work or business;
    3, have a stable source of income;
    4, noBad credit historyThe use of loans cannot be used as stocks, gambling, etc.
    5. Other conditions required by the bank.
    Micro loan processing process:
    1. Submit an application to a local bank or lending institution;
    2. All kinds of information required for preparing loans;
    3, face-to-face bank or loan agency;
    4. The bank audits the lender qualification;
    5, the audit passed, successful loans.
  •             Enthusiastic net friend
    2018-03-05 23:07
            You can try to joinGood loanHandling, operating procedures: After logging in the mobile banking, select "borrowing money" - "good lending" to fill in the relevant information to apply for quotas; clients who have completed the quota application can apply from "apply", "borrow/repay", "I The three sub-sections of the "Good lending of the China Merchants Association - My Credit" entered the borrowing process.
    (1) Verify the transaction password and SMS verification code when borrowing;
    (2) New bank card can be added when choosing the bank card for borrowing;
    (3) The minimum amount of each loan is not less than 500 yuan, and the maximum is not more than 10,000 yuan. It supports 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 months;Equal repayment of principal and interestNo platform service fee is charged; daily rate is 0.045%.
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