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Where can I borrow money to the money without having to look at my personal information?

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    2018-03-05 22:47
            Loans generally need to have a stable source of income to be processed, but they also need to look at the specific requirements of the bank. It is recommended to go to the formal lending institution for detailed inquiries.
    MicrofinanceApplication conditions:
    1. A resident of mainland China who is 18 years of age or older;
    2. Have a stable address and work or business location;
    3. Have a stable source of income;
    4, noBad credit historyThe purpose of the loan cannot be used as stocks, gambling, etc.
    5. Other conditions required by the bank.
    Microfinance process:
    1. Submit an application to a local bank or lending institution;
    2. Various materials required for the preparation of the loan;
    3. Face-to-face banks or lending institutions;
    4. The bank audits the qualifications of the lender;
    5, the audit passed, successful lending.
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    2018-03-05 23:07
            Can try to pass the recruitmentGood loanHandling, operation process: After logging in to the mobile banking bank, select “borrowing money” - “good loan” to fill in relevant information to apply for quota; customers who have completed the quota application can separately apply for “borrowing/repayment” and “me” The three sub-sections of the Zhaolian Good Loan - My Amount entered the loan process.
    (1) Verify the transaction password and SMS verification code when borrowing;
    (2) A new bank card can be added when the bank chooses to receive the bank card;
    (3) The minimum amount of each loan shall be not less than 500 yuan, the maximum amount shall not exceed 10,000 yuan, and the monthly subscription of 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 shall be supported;Equal principal and interest repaymentNo platform service fee is charged; the daily interest rate is 0.045%.
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