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What are some reliable online loan apps on the Internet that can apply for small loans?

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    2018-03-05 18:16
            1,China Merchants Bank Lightning Loan CMB customers only need to pick up their mobile phones, download the mobile banking app of China Merchants Bank, and then touch a few times on the China Mobile Banking Bank app. There is no need to submit any information.MicrofinanceThe funds went to the personal account. Benefits: 60 seconds to borrow money, the maximum amount of 500,000, paid off within two years, can support the loan. 2. CCB Express Lending CCB Express Lending specifically includes three products: “fast e-loan”, “melt e-loan” and “quality lending”. The application quotas vary. CCB's “fast e-loan” loanAnnual interest rateAt 7.2%, the annual interest rate of loans for “melting e-loans” is 6.72%, and the annual interest rate for “quality loans” is 5.6%. The borrower needs to download the CCB app; apply online; the borrower submits the application and conducts the approval process; online signing, CCB quick loan supports multi-channel self-help repayment. 3, 51 instant loan app mobile phone system must be Android; applicants must havecredit cardAnd registered the credit card housekeeper account; the applicant did not register on the pleasant loan; the applicant has a Taobao account and completed the real name certification; 51 instant loan app is not open to the whole country, must be Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other 20 regions You can apply for 51 instant loans. You can borrow 50,000 in 5 minutes. The interest rate is at least 0.78%. 4, Rong 360 for the wage group, white-collar group, college students group, letter Y card group and other social classes, the second-term short-term micro-D. One minute application, online loan review, one hour loan.
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    2018-03-05 21:47
            The mobile phone downloads the app for loan and loan, and then fills in the information, and the pre-qualification quota is issued. The approval is fine, and the next paragraph is faster. Ordinary office workers don't have a lot of income, so they usually look for apps that are easier to apply for loans. Loans generally need to have a stable source of income to handle, but also need to look at the specific requirements of the bank, it is recommended to go to the formal lending institutions for detailed inquiries.
    MicrofinanceApplication conditions:
    1. A resident of mainland China who is 18 years of age or older;
    2. Have a stable address and work or business location;
    3. Have a stable source of income;
    4, noBad credit historyThe purpose of the loan cannot be used as stocks, gambling, etc.
    5. Other conditions required by the bank.
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