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What is the interest rate of 500,000 in Ping An Direct Loan?

Questioner: REN*** City: Beijing label: Question Time: 2015-04-28 07:40
                How much interest does 500,000 yuan have?
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  • Leaf manager Credit manager Service area: Luoyang Service organization: Ping An Puhui
    2015-04-28 22:52
            It depends on which one is safe for us.loanType, and it’s our safe and easy loanNew loanOrLu JinsuoWait, the interest is different
  • Manager Wang Credit manager Service area: Shijiazhuang Service Agency: Silver Valley Wealth
    2015-04-28 11:20
            It depends on what you are doing.loanUp
       ifPing An BankInterest is generally 8% 9%
      If it is safe and easy to borrow, it will take about 2 points.
  • Manager Sun Credit manager Service area: Beijing Service organization: Shuntong Wealth
    2015-04-28 14:04
            Hello, I suggest you contact customer service
  • Manager Sun Credit manager Service area: Baoding Service organization: HSBC source code
    2015-04-28 11:16
            Hello, call customer service specific advice
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