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I heard that Ma Yun has set up a network merchant bank. Can this online merchant bank make a loan?

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  • Manager Lin Credit manager Service area: Zhangzhou Service organization: Hexin Finance
    2017-12-20 20:38
            Yes, qualification
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-12-13 16:51
            Online merchant bank canloan.
    Step 1: Click [My] - [Credit] to see the available total amount.
    Step 2: Click [to borrow money] - [borrowing]
    Step 3: After inputting the amount to be borrowed, the system will automatically analyze the total interest and estimated monthly repayment amount of the loan, and click [Next]. PS: The loan amount is at least 100 yuan; the loan period is 12 months;Repaymentfor:Equal principal(refers to the equal amount of loans in the repayment period, the monthly repayment of the same amount of principal and the interest of the remaining loans in the month)
    Step 4: Select the payment account, the default is the online merchant bank account; the repayment account is the associated Alipay; the repayment date: 13th of each month. PS: At present, online merchant banks only support agriculture, industry and commerce, construction, transportation, investment, GF, Pufa, Xingye, and postal storage.Minsheng Bank.
    Step 5: After completing the relevant settings, enter the transaction password and wait for the system to review. The system usually releases the money within 24 hours.
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-12-13 21:00
            Online merchant banks can borrow.
    After successfully registering the account of the online merchant bank, enter the loan interface, where there are buttons for loans and repayments. Go to the loan according to your own needs. In the first line, enter how much you want to borrow. The lowest piece, the highest one W. At the bottom of the repayment account, please pay attention to see the Alipay account you are bound to. To see this page is to enter the network merchant bank payment password. Confirmation will be completed laterLoan process. This process is exactly the same as the process of Alipay. The loan was successful. It is expected that the money will hit your Alipay account within three minutes. After the money hits your Alipay account, there will be a text message to remind you.
    Online merchant bank is the first commercial system based on cloud computing architecture in China, which was initiated by Ant Financial as a major shareholder. It was officially opened on June 25, 2015 as one of the first five private banks approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission.
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