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What is the maximum amount of personal credit loans?

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    2018-02-10 22:53
            peopleCredit card loanHow to apply,Loan amounthow many? At present, the application threshold for credit card loan business is not high, as long as the cardholder's credit history is good, you can apply. If you need to apply, you can go directly to the bank office or consult the bank customer service. In addition, the bank also has the means of actively inviting cardholders. The credit card loan amount is generally high, and can reach 5000~200,000 yuan. Cardholders are generally required to verify the cardholder's qualifications. Regarding the loan amount, different banks and different card types will be different. The most important one is related to the cardholder's credit record and the amount that the credit card can overdraft.
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    2018-02-11 00:05
            personalCredit LoansIt is a loan based on the creditor’s credit and work unit. If you are an ordinary office worker and you find a salary, then you can borrow less than 23,000 yuan. If you are a state-owned enterprise employee, If you have a good position in the office, such as employees, teachers, doctors, etc., then you can borrow a relatively large amount of credits, you can apply for a credit limit of 10,000-500,000, and apply for personal credit loan information: ID card, work certificate,Proof of income,Bank flowIf you have a property certificate, you can apply for a water and electricity invoice.Loan amount
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