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Don't you have to pay for the loan?

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  • Manager Zhang Credit manager Service area: Baoding Service organization: HSBC source code
    2017-08-31 13:08
            Hello, no repayment, breach of contract and collection
  • Manager Li Credit manager Service area: Zhangzhou Service organization: Huizhong Fortune
    2017-08-31 16:25
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-08-30 13:34
            To be sure, first, if the borrower has not repaid the bank on the repayment date, then the borrower will be subject to the bank’s text message, telephone, mail, etc. If the borrower still does not respond, then the bank will send relevant information. The staff came to collect debts. Secondly, if the borrower is still tough and insists on not repaying the money, then the bank will hand over the borrower's relevant loan information to the relevant legal department, and expects to solve the matter through legal methods. Finally, the relevant legal department staff will contact the borrower and negotiate the repayment. If the borrower still has no money, the legal department will go through the judicial process and the case will be tried by the court if the borrower fails. Is handledMortgageThen, the court will discount the arrears by auctioning the items collateralized by the borrower. If the borrower can't repay the loan on time, the evasion can't solve the problem. You may apply to the bank for a late repayment period before the repayment date. If the borrower's situation is special, the bank will usually accept it. In addition to this situation, borrowers can also borrow money from friends and relatives with strong economic strength to solve the need of the moment. When the money is abundant, they will be repaid one by one.
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-08-30 12:57
            Divided into two different situations. If it is indeed a formal bank loan, but it is not credited, then the bank will sue and execute it, and it will be included in the list of untrustworthy executors. If it is not a bank, most of the loans that are not credited are the financing funds of private capital institutions. They may be legal or illegal. Specifically, they can be consulted by local capital institutions. It is not recommended to lend illegal civil organizations. If the credit information system is not available, there is no effective binding force for both parties, no loan is recommended, and it is recommended to lend a formal banking business.The loan is not yet availableThe following consequences will occur: The loan bank will promptly receive the loan from you according to the law, according to the loan contract and the guarantee contract (mortgage orPledgeUnder the contract, the loan bank will sue the court, and the court will take measures such as property preservation, including freezing the deposits on all bank accounts of you and the loan guarantor, and sealing up the property you have pledge. After the judgment is passed, the property will be enforced according to law (deducting deposits, auctioning pledges, etc.) to pay off the bank's loan losses. These include: loan principal, loan interest, overdue interest and penalty interest, as well as all litigation costs incurred, and the related expenses incurred in the disposal of mortgages (pledges).
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