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Does China Merchants Bank have a small loan?

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    2017-10-18 18:51
    China Merchants BankofMicrofinanceMainly small amountPledgeLoans and small amountsCredit LoansTwo types.
    Processing process:
    Application: The borrower holds a valid identity document and relevant information required by China Merchants Bank, fills in the application form for credit, and submits a credit application to the handling office;
    Approval: China Merchants Bank conducts an investigation into the credit status of the borrower, approves it according to procedures, and informs the borrower of the result of the examination and approval;
    Signing: After the application is approved, the borrower and China Merchants Bank will sign a credit credit agreement, and China Merchants Bank will grant the credit line to the borrower;
    Payment: After the borrower has obtained the credit line, the loan application can be submitted to the handling bank at any time, and the loan is issued to the borrower's personal account.
    feature of product:
    No guarantee: the creditor does not need mortgage, pledge, guarantee and other guarantee conditions, and can borrow from the bank only by its own credit; Recycling: The loan issued under the credit line can be re-used; the withdrawal is convenient: the credit is granted. After the quota, you can apply to the China Merchants Bank at any time, and the loan will arrive quickly.
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    2017-10-18 17:03
            China Merchants Bank has a small loan. At present, China Merchants Bank microfinance is mainly divided into small loans.PledgeLoans and small amountsCredit LoansTwo types. For different types of China Merchants Bank microfinance, the application conditions and handling methods naturally have certain differences.China Merchants Bank MicrofinanceNo mortgage guarantee is required, the application conditions are loose, the time for loan is also fast, and the procedures are convenient, so it is highly sought after by young people.
    The borrower is a natural person who has the nationality of the People's Republic of China, has its own real estate at the place where the loan is located, and has full civil capacity. It has legal and valid identification; the borrower is law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, and has no bad credit records and behavior records; China Merchants Bank Sunflower Customer,credit cardGold card or "one card" gold card customers; work in high-quality enterprises recognized by China Merchants Bank, and have certain positions or grades, titles to meet certain standards.
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