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I want to borrow 100,000. Where is the loan easier?

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    2018-01-07 16:49
            Can goBank loan100,000, first, the application of the loan: 1, the basic situation of the borrower and the guarantor; 2, the financial report of the previous year approved by the financial department or accounting (audit) office, and the financial report of the previous period of the loan application; Correction of unreasonably occupied loans; 4. collateral,PledgeThe list of goods and the consent of the decentralized person to pledge, the certificate of pledge and the relevant evidence that the guarantor intends to agree to the guarantee; 5. Project proposal and feasibility report; 6. Other relevant information that the bank deems necessary;
    Second, the credit rating assessment, the credit union to assess the credit rating of the borrower;
    3. Loan investigation, the credit cooperatives investigate the legality, safety and profitability of the borrower;
    4. Loan approval, the credit cooperative shall approve the loan according to the loan management system of separation and approval of the trial and approval; and 5. Sign the contract, and the credit cooperative shall sign the loan contract with the borrower;
    6. Loan issuance, the credit cooperatives shall issue loans on schedule according to the loan contract;
    7. After the loan review, the credit cooperative shall conduct a follow-up investigation and inspection of the borrower's execution of the loan contract and the operation of the borrower;
    8. Loan repayment, the loan expires, and the borrower repays the principal and interest of the loan in full and on time.
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    2018-01-07 16:09
            Suggested toBank loan100,000, roughly divided into seven steps: First, the borrower submits a loan application to the bank and submits the required information for the loan;
    In the second step, the bank accepts the loan and conducts review and approval to see if it meets the loan requirements;
    In the third step, after the approval is passed, the borrower signs a loan contract with the bank. The contract includes a guarantee contract, a mortgage contract, and the like.
    The fourth step, after signing the contract, go through the mortgage registration procedures;
    In the fifth step, the bank issues loans to the borrower;
    In the sixth step, the borrower repays the loan in full and on time;
    In the seventh step, after the loan is settled, the mortgage cancellation procedure is processed. However, different banks and loans of different natures have different approval time and loan terms, which are subject to the bank regulations!
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