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I want to lend 100,000, where is the loan easier?

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    2018-01-07 16:49
            Can be reachedBank loan100000 I. Application for Loans 1. Basic information about the borrower and the guarantor 2. Financial report of the previous year approved by the financial department or accounting (auditing) office and the financial report of the previous period of loan application 3. The original Unreasonable occupation of the loan to correct the situation; 4, collateral,PledgeProof of the pledge and the relevant certifications that the guarantor intends to agree on the guarantee; 5, project proposal and feasibility report; 6, other relevant information that the Bank considers necessary to provide;
    Second, the credit rating assessment, the credit cooperatives to assess the borrower's credit rating;
    Third, the loan investigation, the credit cooperatives on the borrower's legitimacy, security, profitability and other investigations;
    Fourth, loan approval, the credit cooperatives according to the separation of loans, classification approval of the loan management system for loan approval; five, the signing of the contract, the credit cooperatives and the borrower signed a loan contract;
    Loan issuance, credit cooperatives according to the loan contract on time loan;
    Seven, after the loan inspection, the credit cooperatives on the borrower's loan contract implementation and the borrower's business tracking investigation and inspection;
    Eight, the loan repayment, the loan matures, the borrower repay the loan principal and interest in full and on time.
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    2018-01-07 16:09
            Suggested toBank loan100,000, roughly divided into seven steps: The first step, the borrower to the bank loan application and submit the required information on the loan;
    The second step, the bank accepted the loan, and review, approval, to see whether it meets the loan requirements;
    The third step, approval, the borrower and the bank signed a loan contract. The contract includes guarantee contract, mortgage contract and so on.
    The fourth step, after signing the contract, go through the mortgage registration formalities;
    The fifth step, the bank loans to borrowers;
    The sixth step, the borrower repay the loan on time and in full;
    The seventh step, after the loan is settled, go through the formalities for withdrawing the mortgage. However, different banks, different types of loans, the approval time, the loan deadlines are different, specific to the banking regulations prevail!
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