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I need to loan 100,000. Where is the loan easier?

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  •             Enthusiastic net friend
    2018-01-07 16:49
            Can goBank loan100,000, 1. Application for loan: 1. Basic information of the borrower and guarantor 2. Finance report for the previous fiscal year approved by the financial department or accounting (audit) office and financial report for the previous period of the loan application; 3. Original The correction of unreasonably occupied loans; 4. Collateral,PledgeThe list of objects and the consent of the person with the right to dispose of the mortgage, the proof of the pledge and the guarantor intends to agree to the relevant proof of the guarantee; 5. The project proposal and feasibility report; 6. The bank considers it necessary to provide other relevant information;
    Second, credit rating assessment, credit unions assess the borrower's credit rating;
    Third, the loan investigation, the credit union to investigate the borrower's legality, safety, profitability and other conditions;
    4. For loan approval, the credit cooperatives will perform loan approval according to the loan management system for separation of loan approval and grade approval. V. Sign the contract, the credit agency and the borrower sign the loan contract;
    6. Loan issuance. The credit cooperatives will issue loans on schedule according to the loan contract.
    7. After the loan inspection, the credit cooperatives conduct follow-up investigations and inspections of the borrower's implementation of the loan contract and the borrower's operating conditions;
    8. When the loan is returned, the loan expires and the borrower repays the principal and interest of the loan on time and in full.
  •             Enthusiastic net friend
    2018-01-07 16:09
            Recommend toBank loan100,000, roughly divided into seven steps: In the first step, the borrower submits a loan application to the bank and submits the necessary information for the loan;
    In the second step, the bank accepts the loan, and conducts review and approval to see if it meets the loan requirements;
    In the third step, after the approval, the borrower signs a loan contract with the bank. The contract includes guarantee contracts, mortgage contracts, etc.
    In the fourth step, after signing the contract, go through the mortgage registration process;
    In the fifth step, the bank loans the borrower;
    In the sixth step, the borrower repays the loan in full and on time;
    In the seventh step, after the loan is settled, the formalities for revoking the mortgage are gone through. However, different banks and loans of different nature have different approval and loan durations, and bank regulations prevail!
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