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How long will the CITIC credit card be mailed?

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CITIC Bank Credit CardThe use of registered letters by mail to send the way, after the general sent in 7-10 working days can be received, you can check the credit card processing progress for the inquiry of the credit card mailing, check the credit card for the progress of steps and methods:
1, online online query: log on the official website of the bank, clickCredit card applicationProgress online query channel, you can enter the query;
2, telephone inquiries: call the bank credit card line, with ID card number to query.
3, carry a valid identity documents to the bank counter inquiries.
       In addition, if the received message shows the credit card delivery mode, single number and other information, you can directly by mail number in the China Post's official website to check the progress of the delivery.

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CITIC Bank Credit CardCheck the card as follows:
1, bank card application is successful, after the card to 2 to 3 weeks can be sent to the hands of the applicant.
2, after the credit card sent to the issuing bank credit card center, check the mailing card registration number;
3, visit the China Post website for inquiries;
4, call the postal service hotline for inquiries;
5, most of the banks in the registration of registered letters, will inform the registered signal number, in order to query

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